Media Spin Makes David Gareja Monastery a “Flashpoint for False Flag”


Both history and borders are not constant. They are often in flux, especially if conflicts can serve some not so hidden agendas. On 30th July, the self-described “independent” outlet OC media, which also happens to be funded by the Open Society Foundation…

Georgian Rustavi2 TV Journalist Suffers NED-Inspired Diarrhea of the Mouth


They will never cease to amaze me, the new depths, even as reported by the BBC … the so-called Georgian media can reach when spurring out carefully scripted hate speech for political ends. Take the case of the Rustavi2 TV station, on a programme aired nationally in…

Georgia, NOT What’s on the Surface but the REAL Story!


What is going on? Is Dr. Michael Carpenter a mini-John Bolton in the making? The timing of the recent protests was to be expected. They sound as if Joe Biden is about ready to use Georgia for his “doomed” presidential campaign in much in the same vein as John McCain attempted to do back in August 2008…

Georgian Protests: Not Spontaneous and Not Ordinary—Part of Wider US Agenda?


Upwards of 10,000 protesters attempted to storm Georgia’s parliament building on June 20. The crowd swarmed the building during what at first glance appeared to an anti-government rally. They demanded the resignations of top officials, allegedly in response to a speech…

Gay Pride Weaponized by CIA in Georgia


Who said religion and politics don’t mix? Religion is one of the failsafe of any politician – lie and cheat and abuse people, and if you say that your actions are motivated by religion, everything will be forgiven. Trump was even sent to us to save Israel! Religious groups themselves are happy to indulge the worst kinds of…

Why the Continued Delay in Appointing a NEW US Ambassador for Georgia?


It is all about Iran and holding in abeyance the appointment of a new Ambassador. Until recently absent from the news, this is however an issue that should have received much more attention. As one Georgian journalist asked me a few months ago, “why did Trump recall US…

Can Armenia Survive Western Clock and Dagger Infiltration?


Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States considered itself the sole global hegemon entitled to decide the fate of other international players. Acting on that premise, for the last couple decades or so the US has been toppling sovereign governments…

Is there a Peaceful Solution to the Deep-frozen Georgian Conflict?


It’s hard to ignore the fact that Tbilisi has been trying to peacefully reintegrate the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia for more than a decade, but to no avail. As a matter of fact, Georgia lost control over Tskhinvali and Abkhazia back in the early 90s and…

Lugar Biolab: Will the Truth be Revealed before the Spin Doctors Label it a Conspiracy


It is bad enough that the Lugar Lab in Tbilisi, an alleged front for public health research has been feathered on about every Russian TV channel over its role in viral and bacterial (germ) warfare, but now Georgia faces a new round of recriminations. Such news is…

Perfect Storm is Brewing in Georgia


It takes little imagination to understand that a perfect storm must be brewing when a shift in US foreign policy and a contested presidential election in another country occur at the same time. Add to the mix a dispute over who will be accepted as the next ambassador to that country occur at the same…

Tweaking Ankara’s Approach to Transcaucasia


Once European authorities turned their back on pursuing any sort of integration with Turkey, Ankara has noticeably stepped up its foreign policy efforts in the eastern direction, that has long been the focus of Turkish policies anyway. We’re speaking about Syria, Iraq and…

Case of Badri Patarkatsishvili “Heating Up” into History of Money Laundering


In many cases a second tier story is the one that should be getting the press, as breaking news but doesn’t because it is not the one closer to the West – the same West which until recently always maintain that Saudi Arabia and its Royal Family…

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