UK’s Guardian and Arms to Terrorists – Sacrificing the Associates to Protect the Crooks


The UK’s Guardian newspaper is fond of saying it supports investigative journalism. Its distinguished former editor, Peter Preston, goes round the world lecturing on investigative journalism, exposing himself to the risks…

Strange Love: General Breedlove, Potomac Institute and Chechen Terrorists


Effective investigative journalism is putting forth material for public consumption which is timely and interesting to the readership, public and private, if you get my meaning— the right thing produced at the right time for…

Bechtel, TMC, Bio Weapons Lab and Collateral Financial Damage to US Taxpayer


Back in 2004 a European intelligence service commissioned some due diligence work on the activities of Bechtel National and the Technology Management Company, TMC, in Georgia and…

The Case of Tbilisi’s Kiwi Café and a Media Free-for-all


When something is reported too quickly and then widely distributed, with all reliable news outlets carrying the same story and quoting the same original source, beware. Take the recent case of the flying sausages. This now-infamous…

NDI Polling & Current Political Processes in Georgia Portend Trouble


Opinion polling is not an exact science, a more than a few embarrassed survey research polling companies in various countries have found out the hard way. But there is a difference between honest mistakes, based on…

Soros & the NGOs: Tearing Real Georgian Freedom Asunder


George Soros is a very successful man, at least where money and power are concerned. The reach of the hedge fund legend through his Open Society Foundations leverages governments and ideas across the breadth of 40 nations now. Here is a look at…

Pornhub with Notable Female Politicians Goes Viral in Georgia


The latest political scandal to hit Georgia tells us a lot about life in developing countries allied with the US. A lot of senior politicians are implicated in it. But the question being asked is not, “Who did what to whom?” but…

Georgia Trafficks Weapons, and I Have the Documents, Claims Former Georgian Colonel


All governments are corrupt and to many, corruption is endemic to their function. Sadly, Georgia may well fall into this group. However, given Georgia’s strategic position, wars and…

Effort to Silence CIA Assets Begins with Tarkhan Batirashvili


Most Chechen commanders have shelf lives, not necessarily in terms of effectiveness on the battlefield but in terms of political usefulness. It seems that another one is about to find out the hard way that Chechens are only there to…

Lugar Bio Weapons Laboratory, Time Bomb in Georgia and Region?


Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today: Despite treaties prohibiting the use of biological and chemical weapons, treaties prohibiting the development and use of…

Logistics of Terrorists Support Mechanisms in Georgia and Turkish “Dirty Wars”


Introduction by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today: To the casual observer, seemingly unrelated stories do not interrelate, nor do they support the scenario of a global threat. To the professional, working in…

Georgian Energy Minister Scoffs at Frontera’s (Latest) Huge Gas Reserves Claim


The Frontera Company, based in Houston, Texas, has been hanging round the Caucasus for years. Every so often, it tries to justify its presence there by claiming…

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