Death of Georgian PM Zurab Zhvania: was it murder?

Very few people in Georgia have ever believed the official version of the death of former Georgian Prime Minister Zurab…

Ukraine: Birds of a Feather Flock Together to Destroy “European Values”

About 250 years ago the playwright Samuel Foote was presented at an exclusive London gentlemen’s club. His sponsor introduced him…

Georgia-Ukraine and EU: The Tale of the Wicked Stepmother

Apparently nobody wants to have a real discussion about how the proposed The Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA)…

Double Standard – Georgia-Ukraine, two presidents, no logic

In recent months we have seen the departure of two East European presidents. One was elected in broadly free and…

Controversy over New Deputy Head of EUMM to Georgia

A new controversy is brewing over the New Deputy Head of the EUMM, the European Union Monitoring Mission to Georgia,…

Georgia: Vanishing Bio-Weapons Lab in Tbilisi

1655294_636334479756382_1295450912_n (1)
A curious thing happened in Georgia last year. After widespread media speculation in April 2013 that Georgia was housing a…

Georgia: Beacon of Democracy – Killers Caught Red-Handed On Video

People wonder why so many articles are now appearing about the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. There are two reasons.…

Pattern of Blatant Murder and Torture in Georgia Exposed

On 8th January 2014 the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia finally brought criminal charges against the former Deputy Head of…

Saakashvili Goes Back to School

When Mikheil Saakashvili was in charge of Georgia he was always promoted as the friend of democracy and Western values.…

Persecution of First World Journalists ignored by Human Rights Agencies

image (1)
The banner for the Committee to Protect Journalists proclaims: “Defending Journalists Worldwide.” A more accurate motto would include: “First World…

Possible threats to the Sochi Olympics

The new Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili confirmed the position of the official Tbilisi on the issue of the…

Georgia and Ukraine: The EU Dilemma

A wave of discontent is sweeping Ukraine following Kiev’s decision not to forge closer ties with the European Union during…

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