Russia and Abkhazia Open New Page in their Relations

In Sochi, on 24 November the presidents of the Russian Federation and Abkhazia Vladimir Putin and Raul Khajimba signed a…

Zurab Zhvania Investigators Suffer Suspicious Deaths – Coincidence NOT!

Yet another forensic expert investigating the “mysterious” death of Georgia’s former Prime Minister Zurab Zhvania is in the news. Unfortunately…

Georgian Muslims Talk About Rights Violations

Another ethnic clash took place in the Kakheti region in Georgia. The cause of the conflict is quite common, but…

Recriminations and Resignations in Georgia Harbinger of US-backed Regime Change

We have a very entertaining situation in Georgia right now, with sackings and resignations in the government and a firestorm…

For Ochamchire read Afghanistan: Old Tricks from Old Dogs

Here we go again: the US media is leading the charge to portray the Russian naval base in Ochamchire, Abkhazia,…

Georgia in the Ebola Zone, “another viral or bacterial bomb waiting to explode?”

Predictably, since the US signed the Bio Weapons Convention it has invented increasingly innovative ways of circumventing it. The scientific…

Azerbaijan and the Geopolitical Chessboard

With the collapse of the Soviet Union nearly twenty five years ago, the political and strategic orientation of its former…

America’s Chechen Proxy Fighters: The Big Picture Everyone Has Missed

The media is awash with expert commentary on the various world trouble spots. Many of the reports you see make…

The US Treats ISIL Just Like its Other Allies

If you want to wage war it is often necessary to open different fronts. For example, what is going on…

ISIL Has Come to the Caucasus

The Ministry of National Security (MNS) of Azerbaijan announced the detention of 26 citizens of the country who took an…

The Abkhazia Ordeal as Seen from Tbilisi

The inauguration of Abkhazia's new president, Raul Khajimba, will take place on 25 Sept. As the republic's fourth president, he…

White House might still be arming ISIL

A few days after US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visited Georgia in early September a foreign observer happened to…

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