Two Rounds of US-China Talks are Behind Us. What’s Next?


An important event for international policy in 2019 has been held; two rounds of talks (between 7 and 9 January in Beijing, and between 30 and 31 January in Washington) dealt with the major challenge currently affecting relations between the two leading world powers, which is…

Is Debt China’s Achilles Heel?


China’s credits to various countries along its much-discussed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the most ambitious infrastructure undertaking in history, have recently been criticized for drawing poor countries into a debt trap by extending huge credits. Myanmar is often cited, as well as Sri Lanka. Malaysia and Pakistan are renegotiating …

The USA’s Concerns About China’s Construction of New Ports in Various Countries


On November 15 last year the popular Hong Kong-based newspaper Asia Times published an article with the headline: Cambodia at the Center of a New Cold War. The article claimed that since 2017 China has been actively lobbying Cambodia’s government to allow it to build naval…

China Creates, Macau Burns and Robs


It is truly an amazing site: monstrous US hotels and casinos, just few hundred meters from the Mainland China. All that kitsch that one usually associates with Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but bigger, much bigger! In fact, Macau is the biggest casino sprawl in the world. Casinos, most…

Is China Building a “Police State” or Countering Western-sponsored Terrorism?


Recent headlines across American and European news agencies have focused on the rise of a so-called Chinese “police state,” specifically in regards to security infrastructure put in place in China’s western region of Xinjiang. Articles like Bloomberg’s “Inside the Vast…

Will US Interfere with China’s Plans in Africa?


For many years now China has been actively expanding its economic presence in Africa. Accomplishments of the “Celestial Kingdom” are truly impressive. Currently, China is one of Africa’s biggest trading partners. More than a thousand Chinese companies have operations on…

President Xi Jinping On Policy Towards Taiwan


On 2 January 2019, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, gave a lengthy speech about PRC’s policy towards Taiwan, which global media outlets immediately focused their attention on. This is quite reasonable considering the fact, reported on by the New Eastern Outlook on more than one…

China Sends Europe Yet Another Positive Signal


On 18 December the Xinhua news agency publicized the state China’s Policy Paper on the European Union. We would like to highlight straightaway that this is not a unique document in the history of their official bilateral ties, established in 1975. Similar policy papers were issued in 2003 and 2014. But the latest in this series of documents has generated heightened interest from experts. The…

Is Canada Huawei Arrest Attempt to Sabotage Trump Xi Talks?


The arrest of the CFO of the China’s largest telecoms equipment company, Huawei, carries hallmarks of deep state or behind-the-scenes sabotage designed to rupture recent progress between US President Trump and China President Xi Jinping on strategic issues. Here are some elements…

Why Does China Love Electric Cars? Beijing, Washington & The Fall of Rome


The numbers speak for themselves. 746,000 New Energy passenger cars were sold in China between January and October. By the end of 2018, all buses and taxis in the vital tech hub city of Shenzen will be electric. The central borough of the city of Dalian…

Talks on the Sidelines of the G-20 Summit


From the point of view of developments in the “game” of global politics, the most interesting thing about the recent Group of Twenty (G-20) summit, held in Buenos Aires from November 30- December 1, was not so much the forum itself, but the moves made by the main participants on the sidelines of the event. These moves were made in…

Drinking Water Mismanagement is a Sure Way to Perpetual Feud


Among the most pressing challenges of today one can find the growing shortage of fresh water for everyday use, which can lead to wars and mass migrations to those areas where water will still be readily available. Marshes, rivers, lakes and other…

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