China’s Golem Babies: There is Another Agenda


The shocking news that a team of scientists working in China have managed to gene-edit the DNA of recently-born human twins to allegedly make them genetically immune to a HIV infection is more than bizarre and irresponsible. It suggests that certain researchers are making dangerous…

Xi Jinping Visits Nations of Southeast Asia


The Chinese leader’s one-week tour began on 15 November and included visits to Papua New Guinea, Brunei and the Philippines. These countries are situated in a region that has borne witness to clearly heightened tensions, on various “fronts”, between the two world powers, the USA and China. The escalations are particularly noticeable on the backdrop…

Who is Winning the US-Chinese AI Arms Race?


Information technology has already transformed virtually every aspect of modern civilization. The rise of artificial intelligence and the ability of systems to train themselves rather than be programmed, allowing them to perform tasks…

America’s Backyard is Now Part of the Multi-Polar World


As the caravan of Central Americans seeking a decent life recently approached the US-Mexican border’s main crossing points, President Trump sent troops with orders to shoot trespassers. When the caravan headed to other parts of the border, women and children were met with tear-gas…

Washington’s Dirty Fight Against China’s OBOR


Five years into China’s ambitious One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative sees analysts and political circles around the globe taking stock of Beijing’s progress. This includes the Wall Street Journal in its article, “U.S. Fights China for Influence, One Project at a Time: Washington…

Has a Ray of Hope Appeared in Relationship Between the US and China?


The New Eastern Outlook has been covering the current shape and transformation of Sino-American relations on a regular basis. This is quite understandable as the discussion involves one of the aspects of the global political game that impacts the development of the situation…

China in South Pacific Region: One Step Away from Absolute Power


The South Pacific region, stretching from the shores of Australia to South America and encompassing more than 30,000 islands, has felt China’s growing influenced since 2000s. By 2018, it had grown so strong that it became a threat to Australia’s strategic security. It should be…

China – A New Philosophy of Economics


China’s economic philosophy is a far cry from that of the west. The west consistently seeks to undermine the interests of their partners, be it for trade or political agreements; be it partners from the west, their smaller and weaker brothers; or from the east; or from the south – there is always an element of exploitation, of “one-upmanship”, of outdoing…

Historic Speech in Shanghai: Xi Jinping Upholds Historical Progress


Belief in historical progress was once abundant in the western world. In fact, some of the uglier crimes of western colonialism were justified in the name of progress. Colonizers and imperialists often claimed to be more advanced than those they repressed and brutalized…

OBOR Five Years Later: Some Results and New Alternatives


Five years have passed since October 2013, when China unveiled its large scale and comprehensive OBOR project, which held the promise of quite a few benefits to its numerous participants for mutual trade and economic ties, financial hubs, infrastructure (port construction, high speed auto and railways, pipelines), tourist…

China’s Hong Kong Mega Bridge Riles Former Colonialists


Officially called the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macao Bridge, the 55 kilometre-long bridge-tunnel is an engineering marvel physically connecting Hong Kong and Macau to China’s mainland. Beyond providing links to the mainland, the bridge helps form a wider…

US Fueling Terrorism in China


The West’s human rights racket has once again mobilized – this time supposedly in support of China’s Uyghur minority centered primarily in the nation’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, China. Headlines and reports have been published claiming that up to a million mostly Uyghurs have been detained in what the West is claiming are “internment…

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