USA-DPRK: “Strategic Patience” and an Abrupt Stop in the Negotiation Process


Despite the fact that all of 2008 trends were generally positive, it was not possible to completely liquidate the nuclear issue by the end of the Bush presidency. “The devil is in the details,” and the process could not be worked out in time, at the very least…

Korea: At the Red Line


About a week has passed since the verbal skirmish between Trump and Kim Jong-un, and experts, including the author, have frozen in anticipation of what the next steps will be like, seeing that the statements made by Donald Trump about the DPRK…

How Hot will the Year 2017 be? A War of Words, or the Countdown has Begun?


Quite recently, we discussed the North Korean response to the UN sanctions resolution, noting that from the North Korean side, the raising of the rates was minimal. However, this was only sufficient until a new round of retaliatory…

On the Release of Pastor Lim Hyun-Soo


On August 9, 2017 DPRK authorities released Canadian pastor, Hyeon Soo Lim, who had been sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of conducting subversive activities. As reported by the Korean Central News Agency, the Supreme Court of…

On the New United Nations SC Sanctions Against North Korea


On August 5, 2017 The United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted resolution 2371 entailing the toughening of the sanctions against North Korea, in response to the launch of the Hwasong-14 Missile on July 4 and 28…

The Death of American Student and its Possible Political Consequences.


We recently published an article explaining how, on June 13, 2017, after 17 months of imprisonment, the DPRK released American student Otto-Frederick Warmbier, whom they had sentenced to fifteen years imprisonment, and who…

On the Arrest of Two US Citizens in the DPRK and the Release of One


At the beginning of May 2017, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported the detention of two US citizens, both of Korean origin. Initially, on May 3, KCNA announced that on April 22…

On the Possibility of the Sixth Nuclear Test by the DPRK and the Goals of Pyongyang’s Nuclear Program


On May 6, 2017, in the South Korean news, it was once again reported that work on the creation of a new tunnel was seen at the North Korean nuclear

Donald Trump vs. North Korea: Waking Up To Smell Your Own Coffee


It didn’t take long. After all the talk about stopping US involvement in expensive foreign wars, a new target has emerged – North Korea, the one country no one wants to pick a fight with because you never know what it is likely…

US Presence in Korea Drives Instability


US and European interests continue to portray the government and nation of North Korea as a perpetual security threat to both Asia and the world. Allegations regarding the nation’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile programs…

Repression in DPRK’s State Security and a New Round of DPRK Demonization


The latest round of the DPRK demonization is connected not only with the notorious “murder at the airport” incident, but also with other news, the main of which (as usual, with reference to South Korean intelligence)…

To Continued Sanctions Pressure on the DPRK


Against the backdrop of the scandal surrounding the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the author notices two tendencies. From one side, the excitement leads to the introduction of additional…

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