North Korea

On a Possible Meeting between Shinzo Abe and Kim Jong-un


Reports that Japan and North Korea are holding secret talks concerning a possible meeting between Shinzo Abe and Kim Jong-un appear in the media fairly often. According to one of the latest reports, the summit is to take place in November 2018. And although the month is almost over, this is a good opportunity for us…

Execution of Inter-Korean Summit Agreement in Military Sphere


On 23 October, South Korean President Moon Jae-in ratified the inter-Korean summit agreement in the military sphere aimed at implementing the Pyongyang and Panmunjom Declarations. The documents were ratified without an approval from the National Assembly, since it, in the view…

What Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump May have Agreed Upon


As the present author has written on more than one occasion, the reduction in tensions on the Korean peninsula can be largely attributed to the “double freeze” strategy jointly developed by Russia and China. And although the dialogue between the USA and North Korea is progressing slowly, and not as smoothly as hoped, no-one has claimed that we have…

Korea: So Who’s in Bad Faith Here?


In 1945, with the surrender of Japanwhich had occupied Korea during the second world war, the United Nations put that country under trusteeship. Much like what was happening in Germany, zones of occupation were allotted to the victors. In Germany there were four zones, the US and…

Releasing My North Korean Documentary Film to My Readers


This is my 25-minutes piece about the DPRK (North Korea) – country that I visited relatively recently; visited and loved, was impressed with, and let me be frank – admired. I don’t really know if I could call this a ‘documentary’. Perhaps not. A simple story, you know: I met a girl…

Time on US Diplomacy — and History


Time magazine, founded almost a hundred years ago (in 1923), runs like a well-oiled machine: there are departments and sub-departments for everything; nothing is left to chance. So when, in its latest issue, it publishes a two-page spread of the US’s recent history with Korea, readers…

The Story of “Defected Restaurant Workers” – Proves False, They did not Defect!


The South Korean TV network JTBC has seemingly become the chief muckraker and scandal broadcaster, capable of seriously influencing South Korea’s internal politics.   At a point in time, they were the ones who found the tablet PC, with evidence that Choi Soon-sil…

Tales of North Korean Abuses: No Facts, All Fiction


Claims of North Korean human rights abuses spearheaded attempts to undermine US-North Korean negotiations in Singapore. While the talks are unlikely to change the long-laid agendas of special interests across the West who have cultivated and profit from the ongoing conflict, it…

North Korean Summit: Trump Shuts All The Doors Of The Building He Set Fire To


Does Donald Trump read New Eastern Outlook? You would not think so, but whatever we say about his relationship with North Korea seems to come true. Perhaps he finally understands what this journal is telling him, but it may be too late. We told him that the only reason the US now…

How Quickly Will Results of Inter-Korean Summit be Annulled?


Not too long ago as it seems, we remarked that the Olympic thaw bore its first fruit from a tactical point of view. Unfortunately, concurrent with quieting naysayers and other steps towards rapprochement, we are witnessing actions that could very…

What Could Kim Jong Un and Trump Agree on?


The summit between North and South Korea, to be held on April 27th, 2018, has increased the likelihood that the US and DPRK leaders will meet. If we leave out the issues of protocol, the ultimate choice of where the meeting is to take place and discussions about how useful this…

The Korean Agreement: A New Beginning or Will History Repeat Itself


The joint declaration by the leaders of North and South Korea on 27 April 2018 has rightly been applauded as a significant breakthrough in the relationship between the two parts of the Korean peninsula that have been in varying states of tension since the armistice that marked the cessation…

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