North Korea

North Korea’s “New” Course, and its Nuclear Missile Moratorium


On April 20, in Pyongyang, the Third Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea was held “to discuss the policy issues of a new stage in line with the demand of the important historic period of the revolution’s development.”  A plenary session…

For the Chinese Quadrilateral Peace Treaty Draft on the Results of the Korean War


The beginning of April saw a curious disinformation flood initiated by the Japanese media and then supported by the South Korean media. Allegedly, on March 9, 2018, while speaking on the phone with the US President Donald Trump, the Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping suggested…

The Libyan Scenario for North Korea


On March 23, 2018, the US media published an interview with the newly-appointed National Security Advisor John R. Bolton, where he stated that the only solution for North Korea is complete disarmament – following the example…

Is There a Chance of Trump Meeting Kim Jong Un?

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Last week, North Korea was visited by a high-profile South Korean delegation headed by National Security Office head Chung Eui-yong. During their two day stay in Pyongyang, members of the delegation had a number of talks with local political elites resulting in Chung Eui-yong making…

Summits Between North and South Korea – Past and Present


Kim Jong-un’s proposal for a summit between the two Koreas, which the DPRK’s delegation handed to the South Korean president during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, has been described as the ”most significant moment” in the Olympic thaw, and not surprisingly, it has generated…

US Central Intelligence Agency and North Korean Problem


On January 6, 2018, The New York Times published an article citing the latest interviews of the current and former employees of the American intelligence service, which stated that the US intelligence services believed the rapid development of the nuclear and missile program of North…

USA-DPRK: Will Informal Negotiations Have Official Continuation?


Many articles of the author concern the confrontation of the DPRK and the USA. However, we should not forget that there plenty supporters of a dialogue with the DPRK in USA, and, though stealthily, some measures have been taken in this respect

Revisiting ‘Biological Weapons on the Korean Peninsula’


In December 2017, The Washington Post came out with a large article, in which biological was ‘added’ to the nuclear threat of the DPRK. It turns out that North Korea has been conducting the secret development of advanced biological weapons for more than 10 years. Microbial masses have…

Which America’s Politicians are For and Against the Brute Force Senario Against North Korea


In previous texts, we have repeatedly cited the arguments of supporters of a military / forceful solution to the North Korean problem. As a rule, they boil down the to following thesis: North Korea is a metaphysical evil and must be destroyed in one way or…

Why has the US ‘Changed Its Mind’ on North Korea?


Were we to believe the official, the Trumpian, narrative on the US’ change of attitude towards North Korea and how the US has embraced North-South talks, we would end up believing that the US president Trump was previously “too tough” on North Korea and that he has only…

USA – North Korea: Failed Attempt at Dialogue?


On 13 December 2017, at a Washington forum organized jointly by the Korean foundation and the analytical center of the Atlantic Council, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated, “The U.S. is ready to begin negotiations with the DPRK at any time “when it wants to and we…

USA-DPRK: a Period of Constructive Communication


After the United States torpedoed the results of the 2005 Joint Statement, the negotiation process rose again. Under these conditions, the North Koreans went all-in: Kim Jong Il intended to force the United States to perceive itself as a member of equal status in the nuclear…

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