North Korea

Could the DPRK Abandon Its Nuclear Program?


I am frequently asked in interviews whether North Korea can abandon its nuclear program and what Russia thinks about it. Recently, these questions have become even more frequent for two reasons. First, the South made the latest in a series of “ambitious…

The current state of China-North Korea relations


Discussions on “How soon will China surrender North Korea” are the topic of the day of South Korean or American political analysts, expecting that sooner or later Beijing will get bored of the Pyongyang’s provocative behaviour (“pragmatism will…

On the Issue of the “North Korean Slaves”


The past year of 2014 is best remembered for a serious attempt to put pressure on North Korea for its observance of “human rights” in the country. And although the projects of Marzuki Darusman and Sonja Biserko, on the whole, failed, because of…

How the Republic of Korea and the United States are afraid of North Korea


We have repeatedly talked about how the US and its allies continue to frighten the world with the North Korean threat, presenting its missiles or nuclear program much like the Death Star from the famous Star Wars films. Today, we’ll…

Military Potential of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea—Fantasies and Reality


Another report on the military potential of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, issued by the U.S.-Korea Institute (USKI) of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, Washington, which

Got Enmeshed in Own Fabrications about North Korea?


According to opportunistic propagandists from the Republic of Korea, the “crazy bloody tyrant” Kim Jong-un became notorious for a number of outrageous crimes. Here are some of them. His first alleged crime was the poisoning of his own aunt…

Crucified Boy, Boiled Babies and Stone Fish Law


Observing a simultaneous waging of several information wars, the author of the article often wonders why it happens that obvious fabrications are spread in the media. His conspiracy-addicted mind usually draws a picture, in which the chief editor of a propaganda…

North Korea: The Devil You Know, And It Isn’t Kim Jong-Un


As we all know, the Russian ruble has not fallen without reason. Nor have the energy and mineral prices so important to its economy. Russia is being subjected to economic sabotage reminiscent of Cold War times…

Elaborating on the issue of “North Korean hackers”

Fight against North Korean cyber threats benefited from a series of significant events. First and foremost, the Sony pictures documents…

The cancellation of Park Geun-hye’s visit to the 70th celebration of WWII victory

So "she will not be coming" The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea said on April 11 that Seoul…

New Controversy Surrounding Kaesong Hi-Tech Industrial Park

Many a time we have analyzed the Kaesong aspect of the inter-Korean cooperation, whether that be myths that it is…

North Korean Hackers or South Korean Disorderliness?

As it turned out, mysterious ‘DPRK combat hackers’ delivered a new strike: South Korea accused North Korea in hacker attacks…

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