Eastern Asia

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 2

Foreign policy problems.  China’s main foreign policy problem is that no threat nation wants to reduce it to a pathetic…

Problems Arising from China’s Development. Part 1

“An island economy.”  With each year that passes, China’s economy comes more and more to resemble that of an “Island…

Some Aspects of Current Day US-Chinese Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region


East and South-East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region as a whole are moving towards an increasingly evident and dangerous confrontation between the United States on the one hand and China on the other. Both countries aspire to dominance...

China and South-East Asia. Part 3

Threats to regional security China’s offensive policy obviously has a very negative impact on security in the region and, above…

China and South-East Asia. Part 2

The post-colonial period Everything in China’s expansion to the south and south-west changed again after the Second World War and…

China and South-East Asia. Part 1

A historical perspective Russia at present is cooperating more and more closely with China: We have many things in common…

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