Imperial Ambitions of the EU are on the Rise

As of recently the European Union has not just been blindly obeying orders from Washington, but in fact has been…

The European Union Remains a Club with no Rules but Somehow Rules

Despite all its internal troubles, future existence, many countries and “so-called” countries are still trying to join the EU. The…

GMO: Germans Eating Healthy Again?

Today many countries are in a deep battle to decide whether to allow or prohibit Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). In…

Paris Terror, the Smell of False Flag

Will “Paris” be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We have smoking gun evidence no one can refute that…

Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO’s Proxy War in Syria

In an all too familiar pattern and as predicted, the shooters involved in the attack in Paris Wednesday, January 7, 2015,…

Is NATO aiming at a No Fly Zone for Russia over the Baltic?

On Friday, December 12, a Russian military jet has allegedly been involved in a near-mid-air- collision with a civilian airliner…

Hunting for Russian spies in Poland

Poland is, from a long time, being prepared for the role of cannon fodder in connection with the conflict in…

Soros: The European Union is a “Failed” Experiment In “International Governance”

Is the Western elite’s brainchild - the European Union - disintegrating? Due to persistent economic problems, the rise of “popular resentment”…

Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Washington’s New Enemy Image

Hungary and its populist nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban have come into the cross-hairs of Washington’s political elites. His sin?…

BBC – a Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power

“Not since Iraq have I seen BBC News working at propaganda strength like this. So glad I’m out of there”…

Why the Scots Chose To Wear Their Chains With Pride

We live in an age of decolonisation, in which big empires have broken up and more and more independent states…

Will France and Germany challenge NATO?

In an interview with l'Humanité.fr, former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas stressed that France had become the vanguard dog of…

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