Egyptian Face-Off: Attempts to Avoid Civil War

It seems like the face off between the “Muslim Brotherhood” group and the secular opposition, backed up by the Egyptian…

USA and Egypt: Washington’s Plans in Jeopardy

It sounds like Washington's plans to create a “New Middle East”, supported by a number of its Islamist satellites, are…

Egypt’s on a crash course

According to the news reports coming from Egypt, the escalation of tension in this country may occur in the immediate…

Egypt: the outcome is within a couple hours

Yesterday evening the Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi refused to step down. He justified this decision by the fact that he’s…

Egypt’s turning point

As predicted, the Egyptian army was unable to stay away from the fierce confrontation between the supporters of president Morsi…

Gaza Held Hostage to Egypt’s Turmoil

Air of uncertainty is engulfing most matters related to Egypt. Since the Egyptian revolt started over two years ago, the…

The Economic Challenges of the Arab Spring

The political situation in North Africa was characterized by a lack of prospects before the “Arab revolutions” broke out, and…

The Role of Political Islam

Arab scholarly circles have become much more interested in the future of political Islam and the role it plays in…

The New Role of the Arab League in Regional and International Relations

The League of Arab States was formed after World War II, and after 68 years it is the oldest organization…

The Arab Spring: Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun

Before we continue our conversation about the links between Islamist extremists and Western government agencies, let us briefly review a…

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