Iran and Pompeo’s 12-Point Ludicrous Wish List – Empire’s End of the Rope?


When you listen to Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s 12-Point wish list, what he calls Plan B to confront Iran – one can but wonder, has this man, or for that matter the entire Trump Administration, truly departed from the realm of common sense? – This is, of course, a question many…

A Fight to the Death: Are There Viable Options Left for Iran?


As soon as US President Donald Trump chose to back away from the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program on May 8, a series of strikes were launched against Iranian detachments serving in Syria by the Israel Air Force. It has now become clear that the US and Israel…

The Regime-change Agenda is Back On Iran


If not for forcing a regime change in Iran, what good is the US decision to withdraw from the Iran-deal for? If not for regime change, the US decision to pull itself out of the deal can only be called a sheer act of stupidity. But it is multidimensional geo-politics, and it thrives…

Washington Using Currency War To Destabilize Iran


The neoconservative hawks around the US President, notably new National Security head John Bolton and designated Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are on record that Iran is in Washington’s sights for regime change or at…

Why US Subversion Flopped in Iran


At the end of December 2017 the Western media reported “widespread” protests sweeping Iran. Narratives indistinguishable from the US-engineered “Arab Spring” in 2011 flooded headlines and social media regarding a “popular uprising” spurred first by alleged economic grievances before…

11 days to Freedom – Remembering Iran’s Awakening and Liberation


“… Back when women who wore heels and lipstick regarded their chador-clad sisters in the religious cities and the countryside as backward, Iran was supposed to be on course to becoming a reliable ally of the West,” writes Mary Dejeevsky…

The Islamic Republic Stands Strong: Confused American Deep State Flops in Iran


The Islamic Republic of Iran is probably even stronger than it was prior to December 28th, 2017. On that date, the international media announced that protests were taking place across Iran. The White House, the US State Department, and the American…

Iran Crisis: What It Is and What It’s Not


What was caused by basic economic concerns was deliberately projected by the mainstream western media as the ‘making of a rebellion’ and possible revolution in Iran against Iran’s Islamic leadership itself. What was limited to certain regions only was hoped to spread to other parts of Iran and thus undo the Iranian regime. This has…

What the Media Thinks About Protests in Iran


Now we know that the protests that began in the Iranian Razavi Khorasan Province at the very end of December and that were quick to spread all over the country were provoked by repeated calls for acts of civil disobedience voiced by anonymous provocateurs on the Telegram. The absolute majority…

Iranian Protests: Deep State’s Unfinished Business


Protests have been reported across several cities in Iran over the last  several days of December 2017. Protesters allegedly decry Iran’s economy as well as the nation’s involvement in nearby Syria. The Western media has attempted to cultivate two narratives – one focused…

Is Iran Suffering a Color Revolution or Demanding a Change?


As is pretty much always the case, Middle Eastern leaders have once again failed to stop the beginnings of yet another “color” revolution, or at least an attempt to trigger one. This time it is Iran that has found itself staring down the barrel of this…

A Wreck of a Week for Pro-US Allies, A Hell of a Week for Iran


Surprisingly enough, last week introduced drastic changes in the balance of powers existing across the Middle East. There has been a whole series of both unexpected and predicted events, which have left many analysts utterly puzzled. You can judge for yourself, as we mention seemingly unconnected…

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