Saudi Arabia and the US are Spreading Anti-Iranian Hysteria for a Reason


Not a day goes by without Washington voicing new threats against Iran. Apparently, while not having enough power to “punish” Russia, Europe or Israel, the new administration decided to go after Iran by making a boogeyman…

US Predictably Turns “Iran Deal” into Confrontation


The so-called “Iran Deal” was never meant to serve as a starting point for rapprochement between Washington and Tehran,  but rather as a pretext for greater confrontation. US President Donald Trump’s administration capitalized on…

Iran and the New Multipolar World


During the last Presidential campaign, the Republican nominee Donald Trump made a variety of statements that suggested a changing focus in US foreign policy. He promised, inter alia, no more attempts at regime change, an effective…

The New Thaw: Donald Trump and the Iranian Resistance Block


Over four decades into the Islamic Revolution, it appears that Iran and its political nemesis, the United States of America are nowhere near a détente, especially now that a tempestuous…

The US and Iran All Ready to Lock Horns Over the Nuke-deal


With the new US president assuming his post in the White House, the controversy over the US-Iran nuke deal has taken a dramatic turn. The first episode that clearly showed this turn came in the month of November, soon after…

Russia-Iran Relations Reach New Heights


It is common knowledge that the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran are among the most influential members of the global hydrocarbon market. Cooperation between such giants can be expected to have a considerable…

The New Silk Road Will Make Iran Immune to Western Sanctions


In January 2016 we’ve witnessed a partial withdrawal of sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. It should be noted that the introduction of those was linked…

The Iranian Motives of Donald Trump


According to a number of politicians, diplomatic officials, and observers, the foreign policy of the new US President Donald Trump will surely introduce new and unexpected changes in many aspects of global politics. For example…

Iran and Sanctions: What is Wrong?


After the problems with the Iranian nuclear program (INP) had been solved, Iran’s path to liberation from sanctions proved to be long and challenging. After the well-known agreement between the six global powers with Tehran…

India and Iran: Manoeuvres between East and West


India and Iran used to share quite a warm relationship based on both countries’ religious and cultural similarities, as well as economic cooperation. Back in the day, Iran was ranked third in terms of the volume of the oil supplies…

Iran Shuns the West-ward Tilt Amid Russo-Turk Normalization


For past few months, particularly since the finalization of the US-Iran nuke deal, we had been observing increasing West-ward tilt in Iran’s foreign policy. With Iran signing deals worth billions of dollars with a number of…

Defeating ISIL Is Worth Far More Than $400 Million


When I was in Tehran last November, I had the honor and privilege of visiting a graveyard where Iranians who had lost their lives on the battlefield fighting against ISIL were being buried. Though saddened by their loss, the families…

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