Personal Interview with US-designated Arms Dealer Reveals Torture and Secret Prisons


Amir Ardebili is one of the few people I know who is the protagonist of a whole book and subject of a movie, “Operation Shakespeare.” He’s neither a musician…

Tehran Wants to Become a US Policeman in the Middle East


The first steps on the path to Iran’s rapprochement with the United States were made back in 2001, when Washington began preparing the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq under the goofy pretext that Baghdad was in possession of…

Clouds of Uncertainty Continue to Loom Over Iran-nuke Deal


While the very first anniversary of the historic Iran-nuke deal was celebrated only a few days ago, the deal has largely failed to bring Iran-US relations back to normalization due primarily to the financial sanctions that the U.S. has not yet completely lifted…

How is Iran’s Post-sanctions Economic Boom Really Doing?


The short answer is that it really is doing just fine. Since the nuclear deal was signed, and despite the months of lag time in removing the sanctions, Iran has moved from number 12 out of 14 of Mid East countries in Foreign…

The U.S. keeps ‘Un-freezing’ Its Relations With Iran


Despite its Gulf allies’ displeasure, the U.S. continues to ‘un-freeze’ its relations with Iran. While it appears to be a clear policy shift vis-à-vis Iran, it seems to have been greatly influenced by the developments taking place in the Middle East than…

Iran Links to Eurasia with Persian Canal


With the US and EU economic sanctions gone, it’s becoming clear that Iran today wants to build not destroy as the West seems hell-bent to do. The latest is announcement that Teheran has decided to proceed with a major infrastructure project…

After Nuclear Deal Wall Street Still Wants Iranian Blood


When the P5+1 Nuclear Talks were completed, and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was put into practice, jubilant words resounded from many places. The “reformist movement” within Iranian politics used the nuclear deal as…

Making sense of Turkey’s shift to Iran


After experimenting with taking a belligerent stance on the Syrian question, Turkey seems to be shifting to diplomacy once again. This shift does make sense given that belligerence has cost Turkey a lot. On the domestic front, Turkey has…

On a Progressive Iran: The Iranian Way, Not Washington’s


1823Wishful thinking, manipulation, blatant propaganda, the western mainstream press holds no real surprises any more. News from American and British newspapers concerning Iran’s elections depicts a fantasy liberalized Iran today. Reading…

General Elections in Iran


On February 26, for the first time in the history of the country, Iranians elected their tenth parliament (Majlis) and simultaneously, there were elections to the fifth Assembly of Experts of the Islamic Republic of Iran—a religious public body with…

Iran Makes Trade, Not War, with Eurasia


If the intent of the Obama Iran strategy was to woo the great Persian nation to the West in a complex geopolitical game, and turn her against Russia, China and the emerging Eurasian Century being constructed…

Post-Sanctions Scenario: Iran’s drive to the West


In its bid to end ‘global isolation’, Iranian leadership, known for its pragmatism, has been treading a very cautious path since the finalization of the US-Iran nuke deal. Iran’s traditional ‘Russian tilt’, some believe, is undergoing a…

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