US Direction in Middle East Subject to More and More Criticism


In recent time, U.S. actions in the Middle East have been subject to more and more criticism in European as well as Asian capitals. Clearly, Washington’s pro-Israeli course has resulted in growing disapproval in Arab nations. It is well-known that in December 2017, Donald Trump…

It is Indifference of the Israelis that is Killing People


In the past, whenever I went to (or more precisely, ‘through’) Israel, it was for some antagonistic purpose: to write about the brutal suppression of the intifada in Gaza or Hebron, to comment on the insanity of the land grab around Bethlehem, or to report from the eerie and de-populated…

What does Trump’s Facilitation of Israeli Occupation of Golan Heights Mean?


On March 25, the US president, while he was enjoying his moment of triumph over the alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 elections, signed a document that recognised Israeli sovereignty over what has always been a Syrian territory. In doing so, the US has not only…

Golan Heights, Kosovo and Crimea: A Case Study in Hypocrisy and Double Standards


The recent announcement by United States President Donald Trump that the US will recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights draws attention yet again to the double standards applied by NATO and its satraps including Australia to the issues of territorial…

The Netanyahu Problem


A series of scandals have come together, mostly around Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and threaten the world. While under criminal indictment in Israel, Netanyahu is running for re-election, telling the people of Israel that he has the full backing of American and Russian leaders…

Social Credit Systems and Basic Human Rights


As many know, China has instituted a system of official “social credit” monitoring which is supposed to come online by 2020. Every man, woman and child in China would have a magic number, based on key behaviors, personal finances, health and education levels, social and political…

Israel’s Undeclared Air War on Iran in Syria


Until few weeks ago, there was an undeclared war that Israel had waged on Iran in Syria to force Iranian presence out the country. While the war was officially ‘undeclared’, various pronouncements by the top-rank Israeli officials confirmed that there was a war going-on in Syria. However, a number of statements made by Israeli officials would indicate that the…

Why Do Fundamentalist Christians Support Israel – Right Or Wrong?


It appears that many fundamentalist Christians support the hard-line policies of the Israeli Government (currently consisting of the parties Likud, United Torah Judaism, Shas, Kulanu and the Jewish Home) more blindly and fanatically than…

What ‘New Phase’ of Israel’s Relations with the Arab World?


On November 7, 2018, Israel’s Intelligence and Transportation minister made a speech in Oman, pushing for greater cooperation between Israel and the Arab world, presenting it as something extremely beneficial for the people and the region on the whole. The speech had been preceded…

Who has the Capacity to Boss Trump Around


Throughout the year, Washington has been steadily expanding its sanctions regime against Iran, with the latest package coming into full force at the beginning of November. Although it does not aimed directly at the oil and gas industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there’s no doubt…

Time to Start Preparations for the Palestinian Exodus


How can a foreign policy forged through lies, deceit, and blackmail ever succeed? Someday soon the American people will wake from the big coma they suffer from collectively, only to wonder at what could have gone wrong. Whether you watch the “fake” or “real” news these days, insanity…

Trump and Understanding the Root Causes of Violence in Palestine/Israel


Conflict is like everything else – people get labels assigned to them based on their supposed political party, even though those parties do not represent the best interests of their base. Therefore, in the light of the meltdown over Palestine, and the number of Jewish-loving born again…

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