It is Time for Israel to Give Up its Outdated Pipe Dreams


In the evening of July 23, in Jerusalem, talks were held between Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister and a Russian delegation headed by Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister and Valery Gerasimov, head of the General Staff of the armed forces. On the Israeli side the meeting was…

Tel-Aviv Decided to Make Israel an Exclusively Jewish Deal


Just recently, the Israeli legislative body known as Knesset voted into law a draft on the status of the Jewish state, that has not just changed its nature but provoked a massive backlash both inside and outside Israel. This includes certain parties accusing Israeli leadership of…

Netanyahu has No Business Talking Business in Moscow


On July 11, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Moscow. He announced on the eve of his departure to Russia that this visit would play a pivotal role in the bilateral relations of the two countries in light of the ongoing Syrian debacle. It is clear what lies behind…

With One Shot: One Kill of the Israeli Defense Narrative


Gaza is all in the news since protesters were fired upon by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from inside perimeter fence dividing peoples and ideas. As complex as the situation in Palestine is though, there are only four concrete sides to the crisis. Here are those four sides framed and simplified…

Netanyahu Using Smoke and Mirrors Like a Wizard


Every time I think of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu I cannot help visualizing a famous scene from the classic film “The Wizard of Oz.” You know the one where Dorothy’s little dog Toto runs behind the curtain to reveal the real power of Emerald City. And just like in…

The Only Red Line That Matters: American Good Guys Or?


I will ask the question for those of you who are afraid to: “Why does the United States of America still back Israel? The Netanyahu regime is sanctioning the killing of unarmed civilians at the Gaza border, but the American people still turn a blind eye to this speck of a nation’s…

The Palestinian Verdict: The Choice of “Israel or Humanity”


Earlier today I was again hit in the face with American exceptionalism and ignorance from a colleague in the states. A video I shared that outlines Israel’s “urbicide” leveled at the Palestinians provoked yet another ostrich remark of utter callousness and stupidity. For those…

Israels Murderous Strike on Syria (Via ‘Pacified’ Lebanon)


At least 14 people were killed during the murderous strike by the Israeli air force on the Syrian T-4 airfield at Homs. On April 9, Israeli F-15 fighter jets flew over Lebanese airspace, as they have done on many previous occasions, in total disregard of international law…

The State of Israel has its 70th Anniversary


In May 2018 The State of Israel is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its establishment. Over these past decades, which is not a long time in historic terms, the Israeli citizens have achieved considerable success, first and foremost, in cutting-edge technologies, in the social…

Israel: The Arabs’ Not so Secret Friend


Apparently, it is the persistent ISIS threat that is driving Israel and Egypt closer in the great Sinai desert, leading the former to use its air force in support of the former against the extremist elements. We have seen in last one decade or so that the global ‘war on terror’ has brought…

The Coming of “First Northern War” in Syria


With war into its sixth year, it is by far clear to all the actors involved in the Syrian conflict that Syria’s Assad is not “going home” now. But then this war was never about one person only; it was more about changing fundamentally the Middle East’s geo-political…

What Will Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem Lead To?


With Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a new wave of both political and geo-political upheavals is likely to set in. This, however, is not going to simply unite the Muslim world in the name of religion; it might…

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