NATO allies Saudi Arabia and Israel edge closer to War with Iran

A recent report by an Israeli TV station revealed that Saudi Arabia would allow Israeli jets to use its airspace…

Israel: Lieberman’s Racist Statements and the Possible Election Results

In the run up to the election in Israel a single event that occurred on March 17 can seriously affect…

Unmasking Israel: Netanyahu Creates An Opening for Resistance

Barack Obama is not an anti-Zionist, or opponent of Israel. Under Obama, Israel has been able to depend on the…

Military Cooperation Between US and Israel Will Grow

Despite the growing tension across bilateral relations between the US and Israel, triggered by different approaches to Iran’s nuclear program,…

Bibi Bombs by “Mouthboarding” Congress

The dust is beginning to settle and the fire extinguishers being refilled after “Bibi the Iran Dragon Slayer’s” fiery Congressional…

Pro-Israel lobby and Netanyahu’s risky move

The closer the parliamentary election date in Israel becomes, the more intense the political struggle gets both in Israel and…

Israel in the Run-up to Early Parliamentary Elections

Elections for the Knesset (Parliament) in Israel will be held ahead of time on March 17. The country is heading…

Israel: More than Murder

Sweden has nixed allowing litigation against Israel for war crimes and piracy over the Gaza Flotilla massacre.  Their reason?  Sweden…

Israel proposes natural gas pipeline to Southern Europe

Israel is pushing for the European Union (EU) to approve the construction of a pipeline running from the Middle Eastern…

Israel and Creeping Segregation

The Administration of the United States as well as the authorities in Israel, day and night, never tire of repeating…

Law, not Bombs and Band-Aid – Dr. Mads Gilbert on Palestine

Dr. Mads Gilbert has been providing volunteer medical services for Palestinians for the better part of three decades. In 2014…

USS Liberty Film Only a First Step

Al Jazeera has released a film depicting Israel's role in the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 and America's…

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