Middle East

Why frighten people with Syrian chemical weapons?

Recent statements by senior officials of the United States and other countries concerning Syria’s possible use of chemical weapons against…

The Kurdish Problem and Possible Solutions

The Kurdish problem will probably be solved not at the global or regional level, but separately and by stages, in…

Qatar Is Funding International Terrorism

A recent statement by Syria’s Information Minister that Qatar is violating all of the UN Security Council’s resolutions on fighting…

Indirect Action and Soft Power Strategies in Geopolitical Conflicts. (Part 1)

The strategies of indirect action and soft power are currently the most effective means of geopolitical struggle used by the…

Israel, Iran and the Syrian issue

The unsuccessful attempts to overthrow the Assad regime are increasingly moving Israel to center stage, and the footdragging on Syria…

Syria Is Resisting

On May 15, the UN General Assembly approved Qatar’s initiative for a new anti-Syrian resolution, as it did in August…

A Syrian Initiative by Some US Senators

A few days ago, US senators from both parties urged the Obama administration to intervene directly in the war in…

A new phase in the Kurdish national democratic movement

В реализации проекта создания «Великого Курдистана», являющегося важнейшей частью американской доктрины «Большого Ближнего Востока» заинтересованы Саудовская Аравия и другие монархии…

Turkey and Israel: no military alliance yet

After the incident three years ago involving the humanitarian flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip, tensions between Turkey and…

A Major New US Provocation in the Persian Gulf

The navies of 41 countries will be conducting a large-scale exercise under US auspices in the Persian Gulf from May…

How Israel Manipulates US Policy in the Middle East

On April 23, a senior Israeli officer, Brig Gen Utai Brun, head of research at army intelligence, made a serious…

Prospects for Resolving the Kurdish Problem in Turkey

A number of external and internal factors have recently caused the Turkish authorities to soften their policies towards the Kurdish…

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