Middle East

The Arab Spring: Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun

Before we continue our conversation about the links between Islamist extremists and Western government agencies, let us briefly review a…

My Enemy, My Brother

The world is woven of contradictions. That is particularly evident in world politics. For example, the United States is periodically…

Turkey Takes an Important Step toward Armenia

The OSCE Minsk Group cochairmen, Igor Popov (Russia), Jacques Faure (France) and Ian Kelly (United States), issued a surprise brief…

Iran: The Negotiations Continue

The talks between the P5+1 — the UN Security Council members plus Germany — and the Iranian delegation are scheduled…

Iran: Are New Options Possible?

Some very interesting news about Iran has come out of London. At the talks on the Iranian nuclear problem between…

What Lies Ahead for Iran?

In an address to a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin…

Iran-IAEA: Who is Behind Keeping the Talks Stalled

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) failed to reach a deal with Iran in relation to Iran’s nuclear program and…

Iran: a test of strength by presidential election

Iran’s seventh presidential election scheduled for June 14, 2013 is stressing the country’s entire system of government and promises to…

IAEA – Iran: a formalistic approach to overcoming differences

The international community’s attention is still focused on Iran’s nuclear program, and it expects, if not breakthroughs, at least progress…

Israel’s elections and the “russian street”

The “Russians” are coming The issue of “Russian” Israelis has reemerged in the Israeli media as the early parliamentary elections…

Iranian experts: Obama and the possibility of direct dialogue with Iran

Until recently, Tehran had ruled out direct talks with Washington; at least the issue wasn’t openly discussed in the upper…

Iran’s Solution to the Syrian Problem

An event important to a solution of the Syrian problem was held in Tehran on November 18 and 19: About…

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