Middle East

Israel’s operation Cloud Pillar in Gaza and the anti-Iranian campaign

A strange war Debates are still raging in both the Israeli and the regional media as to why it was…

The NATO Air Defense system deployment in Turkey — the last step before war with Syria?

Passions are still running high over the fighting in Syria, which has been going on without let-up for a year…

The status of Palestine and the fight for votes

Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi said the other day that an expanded meeting with representatives from the Arab world…

The Irrepressible Qatar, US Ambitions and the Fight for Hamas

A visit by the “big backer” Something happened on October 23 that could have a significant impact on further developments…

The Israeli elections, Netanyahu and the Iranian factor

Knesset dissolved On the evening of October 16, after convening for its winter session, the 18th, Israel’s Knesset finally voted…

The “Islamic Quartet” and Syria

Mursi’s new regional aspirations At the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit held in Mecca in mid-August, Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi…

Syria and the “real” French policy


To achieve its Middle East ambitions, Paris has apparently decided to take full advantage of its chairmanship of the UN Security Council. On July 30, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that as soon as his country takes the presidency in the UN Security Council on August 1, it intends to call for an emergency ministerial Security Council meeting on the ongoing armed conflict in Syria in order to “try to stop the massacres and prepare a political transition.” It seems that pride of…

Iran’s prospects for normalizing relations with Egypt

Iran is making no secret of its satisfaction with the election of Mohammed Mursi, the candidate of the political wing…

Who Will Come after the Exodus?

On the morning of Sunday, December 18, 2011, the last 500 American troops crossed the border into Kuwait after the…

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