saudi arabia

The US Pseudo Pressure Game with Saudia


The US call for immediate commencement of talks on Yemen with the view to bringing the war to an end is, more than anything else, a pseudo game of pressure that it is playing with Saudi Arabia. In this game, Saudia isn’t a US rival; it is its partner. For one thing, the US president Trump…

Saudi Arabia Has to Be Stopped And This Time It May Get Stopped


It appears that the KSA has crossed all lines of decency, if there were ever any. It crossed them not because it has been brutally killing tens of thousands of innocent people in Yemen, not even because it keeps sponsoring terrorists in Syria, (and in fact all over the world), often…

How Turkey Has Built the Khashoggi Case to its Geo-Political Advantage


While Jamal Khashoggi’s murder did look like a typical case of Al-Saud dynasty‘s inability to brook criticism, for Turkey this murder offered an opportunity to regionally and internationally degrade Saudi Arabia and use this situation to enhance its own regional and international…

Saudi Arabia’s Great Tumbling Down – The Boy Who Wanted to be King is No More


Where has Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gone? Since mainstream media broke news of the disappearance and alleged death of Jamal Khashoggi, MBS has gotten a little camera shy … and somewhat politically withdrawn. Whatever did happen to our buoyant reformer, who…

Is MBS Saudi Arabia’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy of Disaster?


Notwithstanding his self-projection as a moderate Saudi, Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, has already established a personal long list of failures within only one and a half year of his rise to power. Starting from his adventures in Yemen, where Saudia has…

The Saudi Inquisition – Authorities Move to Outlaw Shia Islam


Back in 2017 a report by Human Rights Watch warned against Saudi Arabia’s propensity to play up sectarianism as a valid expression of its state policy. “Saudi clerics, including those holding official positions, have ‘vigorously employed’ modern tools…

Saudi Arabia: Wherever One Looks, Failure Abounds


A Saudi Arabian youth organization posted an image in its Twitter feed depicting a plane approaching the CN Tower (the tallest building in the world erected in Toronto, and the city’s symbol, whose height is 553.33 meters), which is reminiscent of the 9/11 terror attacks on New York…

A Look at Saudi Arabia: Barometer of World Evil


Saudi Arabia plays a huge role in today’s chaotic and crisis-riddled geo-policy. It’s a country that simply does not get enough attention in the press outside oil revenues. Here is a partial remedy to this unfair situation. Here’s a look at one of a major practitioner of global chaos…

Restless Times for Saudi Kingdom


On June 30, United States President Donald Trump  persuaded the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud to maximize oil production in order to reduce the cost of fuel on the market. This decision will make the Saudis violate OPEC+ agreements reached at the end of June in Vienna…

Middle East and Sad Prospects of its Development


As TV channel Al Arabiya has reported, Jordan withdrew its ambassador Abdullah Suleyman Abu Rumman from Iran.  Amman presented a very interesting interpretation to justify its actions. This decision was adopted by the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom in relation Tehran’s policy of…

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Scaling Up Their Activities Against Iran


A military delegation of high-ranking officers from Saudi Arabia and the UAE recently visited a Kurdish SDF base in Aïn al-Arab (Kobani) on the Syrian border with Turkey. They discussed practical questions connected with replacing the US military presence there with troops from…

Indonesian Islam – “Eat What Even Saudis Would Not Touch Anymore”


When the Saudi Crown Prince gave an interview to the Washington Post, declaring that it was actually the West that encouraged his country to spread Wahhabism to all corners of the world, there was a long silence in almost all the mass…

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