Returning Syrian Refugees Were Fleeing US Proxy War, Not “Assad”


A recent BBC segment titled, “The Syrians returning home after years of fleeing war,” contradicted 8 years of the British state media’s narratives regarding the war in Syria. A synopsis of the short BBC video segment would read: After years of people fleeing Syria and its civil…

US Defeat in Syria: The Wrong End of “Might Makes Right”


With Damascus and its allies firmly in control of Syria and its future – the war having been decided on the ground rather than “politically” as envisioned by Western politicians, media, and policymakers – the US proxy war against Syria has all but failed. Despite the obvious defeat…

Syria and the Road to Return to the Ranks of the Arabs


Two themes have recently attracted the attention of media and social networks in the Middle East. The first is the trend towards a gradual restoration of Arab relations with the Syrian government. The second is the role of Russia in the region. The first is indicated by the resumption of the work of the UAE and Bahrain diplomatic missions in Damascus…

The US Syria Withdrawal and the Myth of the Islamic State’s “Return”


At face value – the notion that the US occupation of Syria is key to preventing the return of the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS) to Syrian territory is unconvincing. Regions west of the Euphrates River where ISIS had previously thrived have since been permanently taken back…

Russia Walking a Fine Line between Turkey & the US in Syria


The politics of ‘safe-zone’, a stretch of Syrian territory along Turkey-Syria border jointly managed by Turkey and the U.S., has certainly given a new twist to the Syrian end-game. Most certainly, the US’ encouragement of this ‘safe-zone’ is part of its plan to win back its…

US Inarticulate Policy Towards Syria


Everything is in disarray in Donald Trump’s White House. All of its residents are against him and his policies, and everyone is poised to “attack” their spiritual leader. As soon as Donald Trump says something or takes a political decision, his closest “household members”, the National…

When did the Infamous Red Coats became Cheap Cannon Fodder?


In the aftermath of the disastrous Libyan campaign of 2011, the United Kingdom would demonstrate a certain degree of restraint in its foreign policy endeavors, getting particularly picky every time a politician would go as far as to even mention military interventions…

The US Institute of Peace… Promotes Endless Syrian War


An “independent national institute founded by Congress and dedicated to the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible,” would be the last place you would expect to find calls for continued war. Yet the United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is just the place…

Syria: Why the Reluctant Withdrawal?


In an apparent about-turn, the Trump administration is re-thinking its decision to rapidly withdraw from Syria in order to, what its officials have said, ensure that the ISIS is completely destroyed and that the Turks don’t attack Syrian Kurds. While it is completely erroneous to see…

Trump Pulls Out of Syria, and the Deep State Goes Mad


US President Donald Trump orders American military forces out of Syria, and the deep state-owned media goes nuts. If ever the people needed evidence of collusive warmongerers weaving chaos in our world, Trump uncocking his pistols and walking away from the debacle created by Bush…

Peace for Syria or a New Kurdistan as a Regional Stabilizing Factor


The US will withdraw her troops from Syria. Will they really? – Let’s take Trump at his word, just for argument’s sake. Though in the meantime, RT reports that the withdrawal may be slower than anticipated, to allow Erdogan making his own “strategic arrangements”, while US troops…

Arab Media Outlets on Withdrawal of US Forces from Syria: What is Next?


“Trump’s Syrian bomb”. “Washington reshuffled the deck with its sudden departure”. “Trump throws a wrench in allies’ plans”. These headlines in response to Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria fill the media space in the Middle East. The outlets are boiling…

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