Syria and Afghanistan: Two Different Realities


Two terrible wars, two mighty destructions, but two absolutely opposite outcomes. In Syria, it may be autumn now, but almost the entire country is blossoming again, literally rising from ashes. Two thousand miles east from there, Afghanistan is smashed against its ancient rocks…

Trump’s Pullout in Syria: 2 Steps Forward in US Foreign Policy


At first impression it would be naive to believe that Donald Trump is keeping his campaign promise to downsize America’s foreign military engagements based on some moral compass, or by realising that America has gotten itself into a bigger quagmire than before, even greater than…

US Exit from Syria was Bound to Happen


The US president Donald Trump’s decision to pull the US military forces out of Syria has certainly surprised many in the world, especially those closest to him i.e., James Mattis, the Pentagon and the hawks who wish to continue to use Syria as a proxy battlefield against Iran and…

US Withdrawal From Syria Paves Way for Israeli Strikes


The US suddenly and unexpectedly announced the withdrawal of US troops from Syria after years of illegally occupying the country. The US presence aimed at ousting the Syrian government, boosting militant groups the US and its partners have armed and backed since the 2011 conflict started, and denying Damascus access to its own resources, particularly…

BBC Claims Chemical Weapons Helped Assad But Fails to Explain How


The BBC published an article in October titled, “How chemical weapons have helped bring Assad close to victory” in which it claims chemical weapons have been “crucial” to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad’s “war-winning…

In Syria the Entire Nation Mobilized, and Won


Yes, there is rubble, in fact total destruction, in some of the neighborhoods of Homs, Aleppo, in the outskirts of Damascus, and elsewhere. Yes, there are terrorists and ‘foreign forces’ in Idlib and in several smaller pockets in some parts of the country. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and millions are either in exile…

Gas in Aleppo, Stranger than Truth


It wasn’t a strange twist of fate when an American television drama foretold the chemical attack on Aleppo on November 24, 2018. Only days before, the Russian government had warned of such an attack and reported that rockets with chemical warheads were being deployed. Well, the attack really…

Syria: Alleged Chemical Attack Elicits 180 Degree Response from West


On the heels of another alleged chemical attack in Syria – the Western media has responded with skepticism – even silence. This acutely different response to its regular “chemical weapons” hysteria is because unlike previous incidents, it appears this most recent attack was…

No Thanks was Given in Syria to the US on Thanksgiving Day


Just recently, American citizens have enjoyed Thanksgiving Day, which would traditionally mark the start of the holiday season in the United States that will continue to Christmas to end with the traditional New Year celebration. Originally, Thanksgiving was a way of expressing…

Washington’s Weak Hand in Syria


With Damascus and its allies firmly in control of Syria’s largest cities and the vast majority of Syrian territory west of the Euphrates – not only has the US-led proxy war against the nation failed – with Russian and Iranian forces involved indefinitely – the return of additional territory…

Why does Russia See a Potential European Role in Syria?


More than merely seeking a European role in Syria’s post-war reconstruction, a European diplomatic presence in Syria’s post-war settlement through Sochi peace process would render it a lot more credibility and international acceptance. There is a geo-political dimension to it…

Washington’s New Strategy for Syria


At this point it’s hardly worth arguing that the Syrian conflict has entered endgame, as this fact seems pretty obvious at this point. Yet, even after exhausting all of its options the United States chose to double down on its Syrian intervention. This serves as a clear indication that…

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