The Battle for Idlib: Why is There a US Escalation?


Idlib, which is most probably the last stronghold of terrorists in Syria, is going to face a Syrian offensive in Damascus’ bid to re-capture territory it lost to foreign funded “rebels” several years ago. Retaking Idlib would also lead the war in Syria inches away from its final…

Armageddon in Idlib


A showdown between the US and Russia is coming over Syria. Our sources inside Syria tell us that Russia began building up capabilities to support the Syrian Arab Army’s retaking of Idlib Province as early as June 2018. Included with new T90 tanks and advanced missile-based artillery are new air defense capabilities as…

Bizarre Israeli Analyses of Syrian Curriculum Circulate in the Middle East


My friend, a senior UN official based in Amman, Jordan, recently received a newsletter from an Israeli institution – “IMPACT-se”. Their report was called, ‘modestly’, “Reformulating School Textbooks During the Civil War”. It is full of analyses of the Syrian curriculum. Interesting stuff, without any doubt…

A Demonstration of Washington’s Disgusting Habits is Being Staged in Syria


It would seem that the proxy war that Washington has been waging on Syria has been nothing but a terrible, humiliating mess, but instead of calling it quits the White House is busy shifting gears again. While demonstrating its…

Syria: Bolton’s ‘Damascus Chemical Weapons Plot’ Lacks Motive, Credibility


US National Security Adviser John Bolton – a tireless proponent of US-led war around the globe – has recently claimed the Syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons to retake territory held by militants in northern Syria. In response, the US has already…

Russiagate in Reverse


What is driving America’s anti-Russian policy, the sanctions, backing terrorists in Syria, mischief in Ukraine, plotting against Crimea, Marines in Norway and nukes and missiles everywhere? It makes no sense if the public narrative or narratives are to be believed. Moreover, what may be most…

After a Long While, China’s Cavalry is Finally Coming to Syria


The relationship between China and Syria goes a long way back. Until the moment when the Syrian war broke out in 2011, Beijing was trying to tap into Syrian markets by becoming its largest importer. Chinese companies took part in a great many energy projects in the Syrian Arab Republic…

Will Turkey Back or Break Militants in Northern Syria?


Syria once again finds itself at another critical juncture. Having secured virtually all territory in the nation’s southwest, Damascus’ attention is now fixated on Idlib in the north. Reuters has recently reported on a so-called “National Army” based in northern Syria that appears…

As the Syrian War Draws to a Close, What Has Australia Learned


In August 2015 the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that the government was considering becoming involved in the war in Syria, some four years after that conflict had escalated to an all out assault on the Syrian government by a patchwork of opposition groups…

Islamic State Drone Program Study Reveals NATO Ratlines


Despite attempts by the US and European media to depict the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) in cartoon villain terms, it was always clear to serious analysis that the terrorist organization’s fighters, weapons, supplies and money were entering Syria and the result of extensive…

Syria: The White Helmets’ Final Performance


It is commonly known that when a ship is sinking, the crew does not board the lifeboats before the passengers. Most noble of all is when the captain and crew go down with the ship. Then with what level of ignobility should we assess the so-called “Syrian Civil Defense” more commonly…

Syrian Armed Forces Stage a Final Assault of the so-called “Cradle of the Revolution”


Today, the so-called anti-government opposition in Syria and those media sources that had been supporting those are in a state of disarray, as Damascus is retaking one village after another in the Daraa Governorate, a southern region…

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