Turkey – “Middle Kingdom” between the Two Camps


While still a NATO member, Turkey’s foreign policy orientation has made some decisive moves towards the East, shunning its decades long sole NATO – orientation. A graphic representation of this move has not just been Turkey’s cooperation with Russia and Iran in Syria or Turkey’s S-400 defence system deal with Russia—which it did…

Fethullah Gulen Made Turkey anti-American


Turkey, an old US ally in the Middle East, has always been regarded by Washington as a forward outpost. This explains the amount of attention America would pay to both Turkey’s foreign and internal policies, along with all the machinations the White House used to prevent Ankara from seeking rapprochement with Moscow and a number…

Erdogan’s Risky Geopolitical Pirouette


Turkey’s economy has been in increasingly difficult straits for months, especially since the failed July 2016 coup attempt. The latest move by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to fire his central bank head and replace him with a more amenable loyalist has already resulted in the largest one-time interest rate cut in the bank’s history. Will this be enough to revive…

With the S-400 deal, Turkey Bids Farewell to the US Hegemony


There could be no better illustration of America’s fading hegemony on the global stage than a NATO ally engaging in defense cooperation with NATO’s primary rival, Russia, and to do so in the face of strong opposition from NATO and its biggest military power, the US. The fact that Turkey has remained undeterred by threats…

Erdogan, Cyprus and the Future of NATO


In recent weeks a dramatic escalation of tension around Turkish oil drilling rig presence in the disputed Exclusive Enterprise Zone surrounding EU member state Cyprus is taking place. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is claiming that Turkey has the right to drill not only in the waters off of Northern Cyprus, but also…

New US Ambassador to Turkey – Bad Marriage No More?


Proceeding with the discussion of a number of ambassadors appointed by the Trump administration to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan along with the discussion of the present state of US-Turkey relations, it’s about to time to take a closer look at the role the new US ambassador to Ankara is going to play in…

Scare Tactics in Turkish-American Geopolitical Game: Conjuring up Armenian Ghosts


One story that has received little attention is that of an Armenian genocide survivor and killer of two Turkish Diplomats in the US in 1973. Gurgen Yanikiyan, age 77 lured two diplomats into a hotel room in the US State of California and shot them dead…

Is there a Way Out of the US-Turkey Deadlock


Washington’s overt aggressive behavior on the international stage provoked by its desire to impose its own vision of the way that the Middle East must look in the future has pushed most of its traditional allies away from it. So it’s only natural that the US keeps losing allies…

The Not-So-Strange Saga of S-400, Turkey and the US


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation could perhaps have not faced any bigger bombshell than seeing one of their countries buying an advance missile-technology from its primary rival, Russia. The very reason why NATO was founded was to ‘contain the Russian threat’ (then Soviet…

Washington and Ankara are Parting Ways with One Another


These days one can come across all sorts of articles trying to predict the direction US-Turkish relations take, as we witness a major shift on the geopolitical stage and both of these states play no small part in it. As it’s been noted by American analysts, unlike in previous eras…

Turkey is Back at It Again in Syria


For the good part of almost 7 years of war, Syria has seen tremendous upheavals both internally and externally. Even now when the terrorist groups have almost been defeated and the foreign-supported so-called ‘rebel’ groups are also joining the peace-process, the geo-politics around…

Washington is Determined to Bring Ankara to Heel


Over the last six decades, Turkey and the United States have grown into strategic partners and NATO allies. Both countries would faced similar challenges both during the days of the Cold War and after themHowever, in spite of the fact that Turkey and the United States remain a pivotal…

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