Middle Eastern Take on the Turkish-American Face Off


“Is the Fall of the Turkish-American Pact just a matter of Time?”, “America’s Relations with Turkey: the Worst is Yet to Come,” “Why Would Trump Fight Against his Allies?” These are the headlines in the Middle Eastern media one can come across while studying the recent tensions…

Idlib Offensive: Why is Turkey Freaking Out?


It seems like yesterday that Turkey, a participant in both the Astana and Sochi peace processes, carried out its own operation in Idlib to shore up the internationally brokered ‘deescalation zone.’ This operation, apart from paving the way for creating a supposed deescalation zone…

Turkey: a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


According to many international media, the recent visit of Qatar’s Amir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to Turkey was a genuine success; during the visit, the relations between the 2 countries strengthened even more and specific methods and forms of its considerable prospective improvement were outlined. The Turkish…

Why Trump is Trying to Crush Turkey


The United States and Turkey, as of the second week of August 2018, are ready to break off diplomatic relations as a result of broad US sanctions on Turkey. However, not only is Turkey a full NATO member, an organization whose charter legally prohibits President Trump’s actions under its “mutual assistance” tenets, but Turkey…

On Erdogan’s Plan to Defy the US


Turkey’s Erdogan didn’t just start riding a flying horse when he decided to confront the US for its unilateral actions and a virtual plot against Turkey, manifested through particularly the imposition of tariffs and the resultant fall of Turkish lira by a whopping 22 per cent last Friday, he seemed to have calculated…

Is the US Beheading the Turkish Economy as an Act of Terror?


The US continues to play its poker game of “Show Down” with a growing list of unhappy countries. We are at the point where we might soon see a call to rename the US… to the United States of Sanctions, the USS. Turkey is getting most of the publicity now with its currency and economy under assault. The sanctions…

What is Turkey Signing up with China?


With Turkey’s fast run towards greater economic and strategic integration with the East, its once popular dream of integration with the West through the EU has come to a permanent end. After making defence deals with Russia, buying the state of the art S-400 missile system, and siding with Iran and Russia in Syria, Turkey…

Turkey’s Defection


After a multi-year see-saw between an overwhelmingly Christian EU and Muslim Turkey seeking membership, in 2015, 1.5 million people illegally crossed into Europe, many by hop-scotching from Turkey to Greece. Although desperate for a solution to this growing problem, the EU did not finally…

Turkish-Syrian Border: Confusion, Destruction and Grief


When we first met in 2017, the Turkish poet, Mustafa Goren, stood proudly and defiantly next to a monstrous concrete wall built on orders from Ankara. The partition has just recently separated two towns with the same culture: Turkish Karkamis and Syrian Jarabulus. The poet then…

Is Erdogan’s Election Victory Bad News for the West?


While still a NATO ally and its second biggest military force, Turkey’s recent foreign policy trajectory, with a significant shift away from the policy of integration with Europe towards a potential integration with Eurasia, has considerably weaned it away from the cold-war…

Turkey Election Results: Erdogan Remains in Power with Odds in his Favour


On June 24, Turkey held the Presidential and Parliamentary elections simultaneously for the first time. They were to conclude the process of the Constitution reform aimed at the country’s transition from the parliamentary governmental form to the presidential one. Recep Tayyip…

Turkey & the US Re-discovering Their ‘Lost-love’


While Turkish officials have been recently seen justifying their quite rapprochement with the US on Syria as a result of Turkey’s ‘diverse’ foreign policy, it seems that the said diversity was not considered to be a viable option when the Turkish leadership blatantly accused…

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