Why did Turkey Support the US Missile Strike on Syria?


Turkey’s role in the on-going war of Syria has been a subject of controversy from the beginning. From initially supporting the US and NATO to clashing with Russia, the ‘sick man of Europe’ has recently been seen making a dramatic turn towards Russia and Iran, resultantly withdrawing from its demand of Assad’s exit from power. Ever since…

Nato Air Force is Moving from Turkey to Jordan


People in the Middle East are joking, cynically: “From Incirlik, Turkey to Al-Azraq, Jordan with love.” That is, if they pay any attention to the movement of NATO troops in this part of the world. They should. At least one substantial part of an incredibly deadly and aggressive…

On the American Inability to Turn Turkey Around


While last two weeks have seen the erstwhile—and current—NATO allies, the US and Turkey, exchanging serious words of warning over Turkey’s ground and air operations against the US-backed Kurdish militias, Turkey doesn’t seem to…

Oliver Branch: Turkey’s Bid to Modify the ‘Syrian End-game’


Whereas Turkey’s operation Oliver Branch is nothing short of an attack on the forces allied undoubtedly with the US, and thereby an attack on the US, this operation is as much a result of Turkey-US conflict of interests as it is aimed at modifying the US ‘end-game’ for Syria…

What Will Turkey’s Future Be Like?


Turkey marked its 94th anniversary in October, celebrating that anniversary with serious problems related to its latest strategic choice in foreign affairs. For an extended period in its history, Turkey’s politics were connected with its main geostrategic asset, the Bosphorus…

The Moment of Turkey’s ‘NATO Ex-communication’


While still a NATO member, Turkey has drifted away from the alliance to a great extent, indicating the way conflict in Syria has changed the Middle East’s geo-political landscape, and largely continues to. It is particularly the end-game in Syria that has now greatly…

President Putin’s Visit to Turkey


On 11 – 12 December the Russian president Vladimir Putin, as part of his lightning tour of the Middle East also visited Turkey, where he had a private meeting with Recep Erdoğan, and also had important and wide-ranging discussions at the delegation level with the most important representative of economic departments…

Behind Turkish Arrest Warrant for Ex CIA Graham Fuller


The Office of the Istanbul Prosecutor has issued arrest warrants for two “former” CIA agents, accusing them of involvement in the failed July 2016 coup attempt against the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. US media and…

Syrian End-Game: An Albatross Around Turkish Neck?


While the Syrian end-game is only beginning to take pace, as the latest Sochi summit showed unambiguously, what can also be seen on the horizon is that the unfolding of this game is making certain regional countries, particularly Turkey, uncomfortable. If Turkey’s…

Turkey and Central Asia


Today the burning problem for states in Central Asia is the presence of external interests. Earlier, this influence was considered in the region of China and the European Union. Turkey has been longing to become another, though no less important external regional player for…

Vying with Kurds: Turkey Opens a New Front in Syria


The new cease-fire deal reached between the US and Russia on the sidelines of G-20 summit has rightly been declared an important step towards peace as the self-styled Islamic State is only inches from being routed from the Syrian…

Time to “Slow-down-but-hurry-up” in Understanding Turkish Regional Agenda


Moscow is confused, the US is confused – everybody seems to be when it comes to Turkey, who is with whom and what its next move will be. Anything you write about Turkey…

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