Turkey’s Breaking Point or Who’s To Blame in the “Coup Attempt”


The latest crisis in Turkey triggered by the so-called military coup attempt is not the first of its kind. Military coups have become a sort of tradition laid down first by the Young Turks, or even the Janissaries. One must…

Military Coup in Turkey


A bloody and destructive military coup attempt swept Turkey from Ankara to Istanbul today with reports of limited ground and air combat. The parliament building was reportedly bombed, news stations overtaken by troops including CNN’s Turkish…

48 Hours in Turkey: Diplomatic Victory and Defeat followed a Terror Attack


The first two days of the past week saw two momentous developments on the diplomatic front take place on the Turkish scene. But Tuesday night then witnessed a heinous terror attack that left the country reeling…

Turkey’s “Apology” to Russia to be Tested on Syria’s Border


The Washington Post summarizes the recent apology offered to Russia by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in its article, “Turkish president apologizes for downing of Russian warplane last year.” It reports: Turkish…

Turkey’s Culture War: The Art of Fasting in the New Turkey


Reversing L. P. Hartley’s by now near-proverbial 1953 phrase, Turkey specialists, historians, and commentators alike are now in a position where they can safely remark that the present is “a different country,” that they really…

When Will Erdogan Step Down?


Just a short while ago the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan was bragging that he would step down if his connections with ISIS are to be proven. Since that moment on numerous media sources across the globe published an extensive…

Turkey Today: A Post-Kemalist Reality


Recent developments on Turkey’s political scene have all but reinforced the impression that the ruling Justice and Development Party (or AKP) is nothing but a willing handmaiden to the figure of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who ambition…

From Hitler to Erdogan: “Who after all … speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”


So Germany has finally recognised the Armenian Genocide. Somewhat ironic, some might say. After all, no country is better qualified to talk about the organised killing of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians and other…

Turkey Wants to Normalize Relations With Russia – For Free?


Every schoolchild knows that in order to makeup one must first offer a sincere apology. They must also be perceived as sincerely regretting whatever offense it was they committed, and show interest in…

Turkey’s ‘Kurdish Agony’


While the current phase of the conflict in Syria has consumed numerous lives, it also has enabled the Kurds, who are scattered in the Middle East, to raise their political significance to a level hitherto untouched since the notorious Sykes-Picot…

The Panama Papers around the World: John Doe and the Expendables


Far from rocking the world to its foundations, the Panama Papers have so far been unable to create a popular movement that would bring about real change, real change in the world of finance or in the world of politics…

Lost Helicopter: Turkey’s War Against the Kurds Will Soon Have a Different Target


Imagine you are working as press officer for the Turkish Ministry of Defence or Foreign Affairs. How do you deal with the recent shooting down of the helicopter? According to Russian information sources Ankara has…

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