Saudi Arabia and the future of Yemen


The protracted war led by the Persian Gulf countries headed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen since March 2015 seemed to be more of a routine since the beginning of this year. The legitimate government recognized by the international…

Yemen – the New Graveyard Where Empires Come to Die


“Some have called Afghanistan ‘the graveyard of empires,’ and it probably is the graveyard of empires.” James G. Stavridis. Indeed, many great empires over the centuries came to crash against the stubborn will of Afghanistan, only…

There’s an Urgent Need to Put an End to the Ongoing Yemeni Catastrophe


Two years ago, a coalition of ten Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia launched military aggression against the state of Yemen, while enjoying the active military and political support of…

Yemen on the Brink of Humanitarian Crisis


Some unexpected, and at the same time very distressing, news came from Yemen, which is involved in a civil war that has been raging well over a year. According to an Arabic Internet portal called Al-Khaleej, President Abdrabbuh…

Saudi Arabia Carries on its Deadly Harvest in Yemen


In spite of countless demands voiced by the international community to put an end to the continuous slaughter of Yemeni civilians, the so-called Arab coalition, led by Saudi Arabia carries on the destruction of residential areas…

The Nasty Truth About Yemen


The war in Yemen is simple. Saudi Arabia and its allies are protecting the Arabian Peninsula from occupation by Iran and other terrorist nations. Few actually believe this fantasy though “officially” Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan…

Yemen’s Seventh Truce: Turning Tragedy Into Farce


With six previous attempts to observe truce having already failed to mitigate the intensity of the crisis, the US brokered seventh truce has yet again—and unsurprisingly—failed to end the fighting in Yemen where the death toll…

Yemen’s Dead End


The recent events in Yemen have demonstrated that this regional conflict, as well as other ones in the territory of the Middle East, was easy to start but difficult to end. The peculiarity of this situation lies in the fact that, unlike Syria, there seems to be a political will…

Is There a Way to Justify US Aggression Against Yemen


The United States stands ready to take action in “self-defense,” which it claims is necessary and appropriate to address further threats – according to an announcement US President Barack Obama made in a letter to Congress…

Bloody Massacre in Yemen Must be Stopped Now!


Just the other day the now battered and wounded state of Yemen has witnessed yet another barbaric act of violence against its people, when a funeral procession that was assembled to give last honors to the father of the sitting…

Yemen Resistance Shatters Saudi Arabia Territorial Integrity


If Saudi Arabia continues to exude control and political confidence from behind the billions of dollars its large coffers have offered its elite by way of immunity, the kingdom never planned for Yemen Resistance to rise a colossus…

Western Arms Dealers Are Behind the Mounting Death Toll in Yemen


Civilian casualties were reported yet again in Yemen on September 10, with more than 20 people falling victims of Saudi airstrikes. It should be recalled that the coalition led by Saudi…

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