The March for Riyadh – Yemen’s War Takes on the Colour of Revolution


Yemen’s war has taken an unprecedented turn … Let me rephrase my statement: Yemen’s war took a turn Saudi Arabia and its many great Western allies never anticipated, let alone…

Yemen: ‘Killers’ Can Give No Peace


In a supposedly ‘landmark’ development, the U.S secretary of state John Kerry and his Saudi counterpart announced, in the last week of August, the new plan, having a “fair and sensible approach”…

Who Will Answer for Yemen’s Suffering?


For months Saudi Arabia has been attempting to shell and bomb Yemen back to the stone age over the course of its illegal military aggression against the Yemeni population. The Saudi intervention was launched back in 2015 under…

Terror – Riyadh’s Answer To Its Military Fiasco in Yemen


If Yemen remains synonymous with unrest and violence thanks to the military deluge Saudi Arabia has insisted on drowning the impoverished nation under since late March 2015, Terror had yet to claim its fill of blood. Terror…

Saudi Arabia Cries Foul Play in Yemen


As Yemen International Conference in the Support of Yemen was in full swing in the British capital, London, Yemenis came in their hundreds of thousands to pledge their support to the Resistance movement this August 20, 2016 – yet…

The US Double Game in Yemen Reaches its Peak


On Saturday, August 20, the U.S. stated that it was going to reduce the number of its ‘advisers’ currently working in tandem with the Saudi Arabia led coalition in Yemen, further stating that the primary reason was the coalition’s…

The Yemen Tragedy: What Is The Way Out?


The bloody crises in Syria and Iraq have temporarily diverted public attention from a no less bloody massacre in Yemen. Since 2014, the country has been torn apart by an armed conflict between the Houthi insurgents from…

Negotiations on an Intra-Yemeni Settlement on the Brink of Collapse


When the Arab, or more appropriately, the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which is keen on suppressing the power of the Shiite-Houthi rebels supported by Iran and allied militias of the former President Ali Abdallah Saleh…

Those Political Truths We Fear to Face – Yemen and the Neo-imperialists


It is not often that world events offer us a true window into the covert world of global politics – by global I mean this secret inner political sanctum, us, common mortals, are never ever allowed to look upon, never…

Saudi Arabia and Yemenite tragedy


A global scandal is unfolding around Saudi Arabia and the coalition that it created in 2015 to fight against Houthis rebels. On June 3, the United Nations Secretary, General Ban Ki-moon, included the coalition in the black list of countries…

Saudi Arabia is Knee-Deep in Yemeni Blood


The White House’s campaign to establish the unconditional control over both national and international media sources manifests itself in a number of various ways. Those sources do only publish those article that suit Washington’s…

The Role Children Play in Yemen’s Ongoing Crisis


While there is no love lost in between Saudi Arabia and Yemen – not since the kingdom decided to play target practice with the impoverished nation, in the name of geopolitical scoring and a burning ambition to seize control over…

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