Russia in the World

Russia Faces New Gas Challenges

Despite numerous attempts undertaken by Russia and Ukraine with the assistance of the European Union to resolve the gas dispute,…

The US Keeps on Waging a Gas War on Russia

As it was predicted in the previous article, the US has been doing everything it possibly can to complicate the…

Eurasian Economic Union Founding Treaty Signed

Presidents Vladimir Putin, Nursultan Nazarbayev and Alexander Lukashenko signed a Treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Union, in Astana on May…


If you spend some time listening to reputable news shows all across the West you will start to notice several…

The politics and the ideology of the conservative project

Within the present tense (and, hopefully, temporarily) political and ideological fighting in Russia, it would appear that losing sides have…

Russia’s “Miracle” in Crimea

The bloodless and efficient, even “miraculous” Russian move into Crimea is now having “second wave” repercussions. Evidence now indicates that…

Russia, GMO and the Geopolitics of Organic

Russia's RT reported in an article titled, "Russia will not import GMO products - PM Medvedev," that, "Russia will not…

Crimean Referendum: One Law for All, Only if the West Says So!

The right of self-determination, a cardinal principle of international law binding on all countries, has been in the news again…

EEU Will Return Russia to Superpower Status

The presidents of Russia, Belorussia, and Kazakhstan, Vladimir Putin, Aleksandr Lukashenko and Nursultan Nazarbayev, respectively, are planning to sign into…

The End of Globalization and the Economy of the Conservative Project

Russia’s conservative project stems from a kind of historical insight which has, in my view, political and economic foundations as…

Vladimir Putin and the West: To Dance or Not to Dance

These are the days of our discontent. At least, this is likely the lament privately voiced by many in the…

R2P: The Tables Turn on the West in Crimea

R2P, or the "responsibility to protect," was a geopolitical tool used by the West after thoroughly destabilizing a nation through…

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