Russia in the World

The Kuril Islands Issue in the Russian – Japanese Relations


The current Russian – Japanese relations can be described as controversial. On one hand, there are no strong political contradictions between the 2 states. Russia and Japan are trying their best to develop their great potential for cooperation in various areas. On the other hand, the issue of the Kuril Islands…

Railway Partnership Agreement between Russia and India is Under Way


As is well known, Russian technologies are in high demand throughout the world, thanks to their high quality and relatively low cost. This applies both to technologies used in the space, defense and energy sectors…

Does US Withdrawal from another Nuclear Treaty Really Benefit Russia?


No. Obviously Russia does not benefit from the scrapping of yet another treaty designed to prevent a nuclear exchange amid a war with the United States. Yet, as an attempt to frame blatant US provocations as somehow “Russia’s fault,” a narrative has begun circulating – claiming…

US Dream of Eurasian Domination Through New ‘Containment Strategy’


While the US president’ s notion of “America first” would seem to indicate a scaling back of the US’ erstwhile policy of geo-political expansion into many different parts of the world, this is hardly the case. On the contrary, the old dream of dominating the world’s most energy rich region, Eurasia, continues to live on in…

Putin and Trump Bashing: When Fecklessness Became the New Black?


It won’t be an overstatement if one is to note that Donald Trump has repeatedly raised the topic of his talks with Vladimir Putin that took place during the Helsinki summit. The sitting US president would repeatedly stress that such…

American Media Seeks to Poison US-Russian Cooperation in Space


After a string of suspicious incidents involving Russia’s venerable Soyuz rocket system, several prominent American newspapers have attempted to poison the last remaining area of significant cooperation between Russia and the United States. This includes the Washington Post…

Putin’s Visit to India and the Joint Russian-Indian Statement


At the very beginning of September, Russia’s president Vladimir Putin paid a visit to New Delhi to hold talks with India’s prime minister Narendra Modi. The outcome of this meeting looks extremely remarkable both for the bilateral relations for Russia and India and for the political…

MH17: Some Truth Emerging at Last


On 17th of July 2014 Malaysia Airlines MH 17 was directed to vary its scheduled flight path flying over Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Air traffic control ordered the playing to fly 200 km north of its original flight path. The new route took it directly over a war zone…

The Real Dancing Bear


While the Western press was marking the fiftieth anniversary of the phony invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union, which lasted all of three days and caused no fatalities, the current president of Russia was waltzing at a country wedding with the Austrian Defense Minister. While…

Understanding Putin Is Easy – Unless You Like to Make Things Hard


Russian President Vladimir Putin dances at a lady’s wedding in Austria, and European media goes nuts. America’s President Donald Trump meets with Russia’s leader, and all of Washington cries out for a coup d’état and a public hanging. Meanwhile, the people of the world wait…

The Middle East: Russian Grain Exports are on the Rise


The hype surrounding the unprecedented sanctions levelled against Moscow for its alleged involvement in the chemical weapons attack in Salisbury has once again highlighted the importance of diversifying Russia’s external economic and commercial ties. The Russian Federation’s…

Some Hard Truth on Browder and Other Putin Enemies


We are coming down to the moment when anybody who’s a hero in Washington will be an automatic supervillain in the world. America and her western allies have let criminals run amok for far too long. There are no better examples of this than the enshrinement of dastardly businessmen…

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