Russia in the World

On Russians, Warmongers, Election Meddling, and Fair Play


I want to offer NEO readers a revelation today. As an American, a human being, or as a geopolitical analyst, I have no problem whatsoever with Russia meddling in the U.S. or any other elections. Even if the allegations are true, my Mamma always told me “turnabout is fair…

Can We Say that Putin’s Enemies Are the Enemies of Humanity?


Bloomberg writer Joe Noce- ra says Russian kleptocrat Bill Browder is the “man Putin can’t get out of his head.” But Browder is the man Bloomberg and the west won’t let any of us forget. Here’s why. Bill Browder’s claim to fame is that he, the American-born Jewish tycoon who worked…

Washington Renders itself Irrelevant by Pushing China and Russia Closer Together


As the trade war unleashed by Washington is getting momentum, one can’t help but notice that without bringing a massive propaganda campaign to bear, aimed at the spread Russophobia and Sinophobia, this war would have never come to fruition. However, all of the steps…

11 Million Reasons for Wall Street & London to Hate Russia


Why does the US media have an anti-Russian fixation? It’s not what the American people want to hear. 71% of the Ronald Reagan-loving, military-obsessed Republican Party approve of Trump meeting with Putin. On the other side, top liberal CNN commentator and former President Obama’s…

Trump-Putin Summit: What of the Deep-State Spoillers in Washington?


While the US president Donald Trump seemed willing enough during the historic Helsinki summit to mend US ties with Russia—and he did point his finger at Washington rather than Moscow for bad relations with Russia—it was evident even before the summit that certain quarters in…

Russiagate, the Comedy of Errors


The 2018 Helsinki summit has left Americans puzzled, some terrified, others feign outrage but few have stood back and taken a breath. Always stand back, always take a breath, always keep the mouth shut and the hand off the keyboard. A quick review of the facts, such as they are, such…

Time to Invite Russian Diplomats Back with an Apology


On 4th of March 2018 former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were discovered on a park bench in Salisbury England in a distressed state. They were treated by passers-by, including a doctor, before being taken to Salisbury General Hospital. The hospital…

Perspectives on The Northern Sea Route Project


One of the most important resources the Russia possesses is its territory. The Russian Federation’s unique position, its huge length spanning east to west, and access to the Pacific and Artic Oceans could allow Russia to create on its territory unique transport routes of global…

Helsinki: A Summit that the Whole World Anticipates


There’s no arguing that the ongoing FIFA World Cup is not the only Russia-related event that the international media keeps discussing week after week. One can come across hundreds of articles dissecting every aspect of the upcoming meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the sitting…

There’s no End to both the FIFA World Cup and Russia’s Hospitality


Even though the FIFA World Cup in Russia is far from over, one can still examine the preliminary results of this major sports event. For sure, there’s been a number of those who would try to pierce the veil of time in a bid to name the team that will prevail, such as the octopus Paul…

When did Russia’s S-400 become the New Black


The plans for the mass acquisition of Russia’s most advanced anti-aircraft defensive systems, S-400 and S-500, being made in the East have caused widespread panic in the West. As a matter of fact, the list of Middle Eastern and Asian states standing in line for these systems is exceeding long and growing. This may serve…

Breaking Ice with Footballs, and a US Response


Americans would have had to watch the World Football Cup being disputed across Russia on France 24 to get an idea of the side benefits being reaped by that country. Over and over enthusiastic fans noted that they had been mislead by their national media, whether in Great Britain, Japan…

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