Russia in the World

A Two Pronged Approach To White Supremacy


Like a recking bull in a China shop, President Trump careens from foreign policy disasters to “deconstruction” of the American state, as demanded by former advisor and alt-right media mogul, Steve Bannon, who is backed by powerful financiers determined to maintain the supremacy of…

How the “Skripal Effect” Was Stopped


A few years ago the story of former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal allegedly being poisoned with a deadly nerve agent in the UK supposedly by the Russian state, would have shook geopolitics and placed immense pressure on Moscow. Today, while it certainly did shake geopolitics…

Vladimir Putin and the Islamization of Europe


Today I got the answer to a question that had intrigued me ever since the start of the European refugee crisis spawned by US wars in the Third World: what position would Russia take vis a vis these mainly Muslims populations seeking new homes when Europe became overcrowded? President…

What is Really Happening Between Russia and Israel?


While a lot has very recently happened in Syria between Israel and Iran—and such episodes may recur in the future as well—Russia’s role, as we wrote previously for NEO, remains crucial as the only feasible mediator between the two fierce rivals and could be the key to de-escalation…

The Arab World Holds its Breath for the FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018


The Arab world where soccer over the decades has grown into one of the most popular sports attractions, is anticipating with excitement the opening of the FIFA World Cup: Russia 2018, which will be played from from 14 June–15 July 2018…

Operation Barbarossa II Update: The Battle Will be Everywhere


The G7 foreign and interior ministers who met in Toronto last weekend as French President Macron, in Washington, tried to make himself important by cosying up to President Trump and Trump’s threat to tear up the Iran nuclear…

The Simple Truth of Vladimir Putin’s Diabolical Plan


In the New York Times last week, veteran reporter Neil MacFarquhar reminded us Vladimir Putin’s “fight” with the West is isolating Russia. The Middle East expert’s latest Russia hate also interpolated that the woeful isolation is failing to deter Putin. But what is it that Putin is fighting against…

Trump’s Attempts to Get Us in a Thermonuclear Ditch Must be Stopped


It’s curious that even The Guardian has recently sum- marized Trump’s one year in office by admitting that the overwhelming impression everybody shares is not of steady progress but chaos, adding that he has almost pushed the world into a major nuclear conflict. However, Trump’s…

The Eagle’s Forthcoming Sitdown with the Bear


President Trump probably didn’t realize what a hullaballoo he would set off by casually inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House, but the reaction showed how behind the times the MSM is. Losing their proverbial cool, newscasters point out indignantly that when…

Why a Russia-based Security Firm Fell Victim of US Sanctions


Last December, US President Donald Trump signed a decree banning the use of Kaspersky Lab software within US government agencies. This latest iteration of anti-Russian sanctions demanded all individuals employed by Washington to wipe the world-renowned anti-virus software off…

NEO has Come Under Attack


Dear readers, We deeply regret the fact that readers have been unable to access NEO articles since March 19. This unpleasant fact was a direct result of a massive DDoS attack on our site, likely launched by Washington and its political allies in the West. On one hand, it’s a truly…

Kelly-Putin: A Clash of Civilizations


The main takeaway from Megan Kelly’s two-hour long interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin is that with Communism gone, the US and Russia are dealing with a clash of civilizations. Not the barbaric east versus a sophisticated west — or even…

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