Southeast Asia

Indonesian Elections – Two Right-Wing Candidates Claiming Victory


In Indonesia, both presidential candidates have declared victory, just a few days after the elections that were held on 17th April, 2019. Both of them are pro-business, both Muslim, and both insist that the Communist Party should continue to be banned. Neither of them is even…

Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Targets China’s Allies


As predicted, the Sri Lankan Easter Day blasts which killed hundreds and injured hundreds more – have been connected to the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS). US Ambassador to Sri Lanka – Alaina Teplitz – would openly claim foreign groups were most likely behind the attacks. Reuters in…

Sri Lanka Blasts: Terrorism Targets Another Chinese Ally


The recent, tragic Easter attack in the South Asian state of Sri Lanka – killing and injuring hundreds – follows a now unfortunately all too familiar formula. The New York Times has reported in its article, “What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sri Lanka Attacks,” that: The authorities in Sri Lanka said a little-known radical Islamist group…

Kim Jong-nam Murder Case is Closed, or More Precisely Falls Apart


We recently wrote about the acquittal of one of the women accused of poisoning Kim Jong-un’s half-brother. On 11 March, Indonesian citizen Siti Aisyah was released from jail, because prosecutors refused to press charges against her. On 1 April 2019, the second suspect…

West Finds New Anti-China Puppet in Wake of Thai Elections


Western political meddling abroad faced another serious setback – this time in the Southeast Asian country of Thailand. With a population of 70 million people, the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia, and transforming into a key regional partner for Beijing and its One…

Western Interests in the Indonesian Papua Conflict


Amid heated discussions of Brexit, another event stood out in the UK Parliament recently, as a motion was proposed which began collecting signatures, calling upon the UK Government to investigate reports which claim chemical weapons (white phosphorus) were used by the Indonesian…

Viet Nam’s Economics Miracle Haunts US-DPRK Talks


While free market countries across the developing world remain deeply impoverished, China and Viet Nam have both seen impressive increases in living standards during the past several decades. Public voices in the western world give all credit for this to “liberalization,” but…

US and Soros Take Stab at Thai Elections


Western regime change efforts have intensified ahead of upcoming elections in Thailand. Opposition groups attempting to take power and remove Thailand’s powerful, independent military from Thai politics have received extensive, well-documented funding and political support from…

After Bleeding Thailand Dry, Soros is Going in for the Kill


The highly controversial figure of George Soros, the man who created a great many of various hedge funds including Soros Fund Management to become one of the richest men on the planet. If Forbes is to be believed, his personal fortune exceeds the mind-boggling sum of 25 billion

Political Changes in Thailand


Thailand is preparing for the first general election, scheduled for 24 March, since the 2014 coup d’état. An intense election race is compelling the Thai society to follow news updates and actively support their candidates. But several days ago an unprecedented event took place in the nation’s political life…

Thai Elections: US Seeks Regime Change vs China


Heavily biased headlines emanating from US and European media should already make it abundantly clear which side of upcoming Thai elections in March Western special interests are on. The current Thai government is led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a general of the Royal…

How the West Weaponizes Refugees it Creates


The only thing more sinister than intentionally creating refugees, is weaponizing them as leverage to further coerce nations and advance hegemonic ambitions. The United States and its allies have done both extensively – from exploiting the flow of refugees fleeing US-led wars…

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