Political Changes in Thailand


Thailand is preparing for the first general election, scheduled for 24 March, since the 2014 coup d’état. An intense election race is compelling the Thai society to follow news updates and actively support their candidates. But several days ago an unprecedented event took place in the nation’s political life…

Thai Elections: US Seeks Regime Change vs China


Heavily biased headlines emanating from US and European media should already make it abundantly clear which side of upcoming Thai elections in March Western special interests are on. The current Thai government is led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, a general of the Royal…

How the West Weaponizes Refugees it Creates


The only thing more sinister than intentionally creating refugees, is weaponizing them as leverage to further coerce nations and advance hegemonic ambitions. The United States and its allies have done both extensively – from exploiting the flow of refugees fleeing US-led wars…

Western Media Promotes Color Revolution in Asia


Just as the US has done across the Arab World and in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia faces political subversion aimed at transforming the region to serve Washington’s interests. Thailand is a pivotal Southeast Asian state of nearly 70 million people, with the region’s second…

US Has Little to Offer Southeast Asia


Any productive relationship between two nations must include mutual benefits for both. A proposed alliance that includes no incentive for a partner nation cannot otherwise move forward save for threats and coercion. The United States and its “pivot toward Asia” is an ongoing…

Upcoming Thai Elections Next Battlefield in US-China Power Game


Elections are set to be held sometime in early 2019 for the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand. The nation has struggled with political instability since former police colonel-turned-billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra came to power in 2001. Two…

Washington vs Beijing: US Proxies Emerge Ahead of Thai Elections


At a time when the United States has intensified its confrontation with Russia based on claims that Moscow interfered in US and allied politics (i.e. the UK and prospective NATO members in Eastern Europe), the US openly meddles everywhere from Europe and Africa to the Middle…

US Meddling: Washington Backs Fugitive, Terrorist in Thailand


America’s bid to install a compromised Thai politician into power is part of a larger bid to encircle China with hostile and dysfunctional client states. The US is currently pressuring the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand to hold immediate elections…

Thai Political Crisis: What the Western Media Omits


Political pressure is mounting in the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand ahead of anticipated elections early next year. However, political analysts across the West have consistently portrayed Thailand’s political crisis as if existing in a vacuum divorced from geopolitics…

Soros-funded HRW Defends Terrorists, Accomplices in Thailand


Thailand was the scene of a smaller-scale foreign-backed destabilisation similar to those carried out by the United States and Europe against nations like Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine from 2011 onward. Between April and May of that year, nearly 100 would die and many more…

Twitter Bot Armies Target Thai Politics

twitter neo

It appears that the Western-backed opposition in Thailand is attempting to create the illusion of popular support online after failing repeatedly to create it in the streets of Bangkok, the nation’s capital. Hundreds of suspicious accounts either clearly bots and sockpuppet accounts…

US Propaganda: Time Magazine Takes Swipe at Thailand


Time Magazine’s article titled, “Thailand’s Leader Promised to Restore Democracy. Instead He’s Tightening His Grip,” reflects Wall Street and Washington’s growing displeasure with the current Thai government and its seemingly successful efforts to pivot the nation away from US-backed…

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