Thai Cave Rescue Highlights the Best/Worst in People


When 12 young students and their football coach went missing in Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Rai amid the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system, many expected the worst. But the Thai government, its military, volunteers both in Thailand and from abroad spent 9 days until they were…

Manufacturing Dissent: US NGO’s Build Opposition in Thailand


Should decidedly anti-British government organisations be found across the United Kingdom to be funded and directed by Russians, we could only imagine the reaction. Even whispers of hints of Russian influence have resulted in legislation, sanctions and…

US Regime Change and its Armies of “Garbage”


America’s “color revolutions” are polished by the Western media to portray opposition as daring heroes. However, the truth is far less flattering, and even compromising. Had James Buchanan – writing for the Guardian in his article, “‘This country has no freedom…

US Regime Change Targets Thailand


While US-led regime change in Syria continues to make headlines, it is important for the public to be aware and stay ahead of other US-led campaigns to target, destabilise and overthrow the political orders of other nations around the globe. Observers of the ongoing crisis in…

US Human Rights Racket Defends Thailand’s Joseph Goebbels


The US and European-funded human rights racket comprised of organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and myriad fronts funded by the United States government via the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) have helped promote some…

Soft Power: US Gives Award to US-Funded Agitator


The Western media continues to saturate headlines with stories of “Russian meddling,” meanwhile Western governments led by Washington openly celebrate their own meddling in foreign political affairs. One such example unfolded during the US State Department’s annual “Women of Courage…

Confirmed US Meddling in Thailand’s Upcoming Elections


As the United States intensifies its accusations against Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, the United States itself is found engaged in confirmed political interference worldwide. This includes in Southeast…

US Color Revolution Begins in Thailand as Proxy War with China Continues


The tentative first beginnings of a long-awaited US-backed color revolution has begun in Thailand, with a small protest of under 100 protesters in the downtown district of Thailand’s capital Bangkok. Despite the diminutive nature of the protest, the Western…

New Year, New Turmoil as US Targets Thailand


Washington’s Asia-Pacific strategy has gone from maintaining primacy over the region for decades to increasingly desperate attempts to salvage its now waning influence. This is in part due to China’s rise as an economic, military and political regional power as well as the increasing…

EU “Restoring” Ties with Thailand Symbolic, Foreign Interference Will Continue


A mid-December announcement by the European Union was made stating that the EU had agreed to restore ties with the Southeast Asian Kingdom of Thailand “at all levels” after suspending them in 2014 in the wake of a military coup which ousted…

Thailand: US Creating “Space” For Destabilisation


In late November, the US, Canadian and British embassies along with several other European partners as well as the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and Amnesty International, organised what they called the “Isaan Human…

Look Who’s Interfering: Tillerson’s Thai Election Comment


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson released a press statement regarding Thailand’s National Day. In it he expressed diplomatic greetings and well-wishing to the Thai people, but failed to resist also expressing…

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