US Hypocrisy: Preaching Human Rights, Inviting Mass Murderers as Guests


On October 6, Los Angeles’ Loyola Marymount University invited ex-Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra to give a talk on the subject of “The Secret of Reducing Poverty and the Rich-Poor Gap: The Power of Political Will”…

The West’s Weaponisation of Corruption Indexes


For the Southeast Asian state of Thailand, overcoming corruption could be one of several essential steps required to fully tap the human and natural resources this already influential ASEAN state has benefited from for centuries…

Thailand Gets the Libya-Syria Treatment


Just as the Western media attempted to hide the true nature of violence unfolding in Libya and Syria during the opening phases of the so-called “Arab Spring,” it is now attempting to do likewise regarding the Southeast Asian…

Thailand: US-Funded “Monitors” Exposed


Thailand faces an upcoming referendum regarding a new national charter meant to put the country back on track after over a decade of political conflict revolving around US-backed proxy…

Behind West’s Biased Coverage of Asia


As the US loses ground in Asia, between its failure to coerce states to adopt its Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, and its inability to garner greater support for its…

America’s “Human Rights” Racket in Action


Southeast Asia’s Thailand has been racked by political conflict for now over a decade. During the rise and fall of US-backed political proxy Thaksin Shinawatra, there have been numerous protests and counter-protests, two military…

Asia: US “Pivot” Turns to Panic


US foreign policy in Asia Pacific has centered around the so-called “Pivot to Asia,” initially rolled out as an alleged means for the US to strengthen ties with Asia, but was incrementally revealed as the latest leg in a decades-long…

Thailand: Big Hopes for New Economic Ties with Russia


During the upcoming Russia-ASEAN Summit (May 19-20) to be held in Sochi, Russia, additional talks will be held with Southeast Asian nations seeking to bolster ties with Russia, who has until recently played a disproportionately minor role in…

US Meddling in Thailand Boosts Bangkok-Moscow Ties


The so-called “Pivot to Asia” serving as the current underpinning of American foreign policy in Asia has been repeatedly exposed as a continuation of a decades-old cynical region-wide US gambit to encircle and contain China while…

Southeast Asia Must Not “Compromise” With Terrorists and Traitors


So-called Thai “academic” Thitinana Pongsudhirak of Chulalongkorn University in a Bangkok Post op-ed titled, “Thailand lags as Myanmar gains ground,” attempts to convince readers…

US Lobbyists Meddling in Thailand a Concern For All Of Asia


Thailand-based newspaper Bangkok Post in its article, “Yingluck denies Thaksin’s involvement,” refers to ousted, US-backed dictator Thaksin Shinawatra, removed from power in 2006 by…

When Opposition Turns to Foreigners for Aid


An opposition lawyer might seem like a relatively insignificant piece on the grand chessboard of geopolitics, but when the guns are silent, and proxy wars are not possible, these foot soldiers of foreign interests fight Wall Street and Washington’s…

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