US Sanctions Against Thailand

There's little doubt that today the United States is one of the most active "fighters" for human rights all across the…

US “Pivot” Stumbles in Thailand

Months after the May 22, 2014 military coup that ousted the regime of Thaksin Shinawatra, the military-led government has been working in…

EU Punishes Thailand for Ousting Mass Murdering Dictator

AFP reported in an article titled, "EU raps Thailand on coup, cuts official contacts," that: European Union foreign ministers on…

The Art of Propaganda: Guardian’s Pro-Slavery Hit Piece

Upon reading the London Guardian's article "US may blacklist Thailand after prawn trade slavery revelations," one may actually believe a…

Thai Coup Ushers in Organic Farming Initiative

05b (1)
After the May 22 coup in Southeast Asia's Thailand, the new military-led government has revealed agricultural reforms based on sustainable, organic…

Thai Coup Stings Western Meddlers

 "America's Pacific Century", Foreign Policy magazine declared in an op-ed published by then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The…

Thailand: Military Fills Security Vacuum

The Royal Thai Army has moved decisively to fill an increasingly dangerous security vacuum in the Southeast Asian country of…

Thai Regime Collapses – Preparing for the Fallout

Thailand's prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra was dismissed from her position along with several ministers from her cabinet by a Constitutional…

Thailand: West Tearing Down Old World to Build a “New” One

The first step in subjugating a population is identifying their source of strength, undermining it, and eventually eliminating it. This…

A Tale of Two Protests: Ukraine and Thailand – End Game

image (1)
Nothing illustrates the bottomless hypocrisy of the West's alleged principles more than its stance on two simultaneously unfolding political conflicts…

Western-style “Democracy” Unravels in Southeast Asia’s Thailand

The roof of a house is composed of many shingles providing protection to those beneath it. For the global corporatocracy,…

Why Occupy Bangkok is Working and Occupy Wall Street Didn’t

Source: Flickr
Occupy Wall Street, ideologically speaking, could not have been any more universally appealing. It was the 99% against the 1%…

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