Russia and India: An Enduring Friendship


For nearly 70 years now, Russia and India have maintained close relations both in the economic sphere and in defence. Russia has been the major supplier of armament for India for a long time, and has helped the country a lot in the confrontation with Pakistan. However, in recent…

“One Belt, One Rode” (OBOR) – How is the Chinese Project Perceived in India?


At the ” One Belt, One Road” forum held in Beijing in May 2017 – with much pomp – the absence of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was associated by almost all world mass media with…

Who’s Going to Enjoy Close Ties with India?


According to various researches, China will inevitably become world’s largest economy by 2050, followed by India, while the United States will only be able to rank third. As of now, India’s population is already surpassing…

US Media & The Terrorists Who Cried Wolf


Right-wing, anti-Iranian figures and media in the United States have begun circulating claims that Iran had violated the JCPOA that resulted from the P5+1 nuclear negotiations, and indeed has a nuclear weapons program. Various…

No Change is to be Observed in the Complex China–India Relations


Various aspects of the relationship between the two Asian giants, India and China, have been gaining an increasing importance recently, since one’s understanding of those is imperative for the assessment of the evolution of…

India Makes Raisina Dialogue Geopolitical Forum a Tradition


On January 17-19, 2017, New Delhi once again hosted Raisina Dialogue, a large-scale international conference. Over a relatively short period, the conference has not only clearly become a tradition, but has also become one of…

The Sinister Agenda Behind the Washington War On Cash


It’s kinda sneaking up on us like an East Texas copperhead pit viper. It began to get some wide attention in 2016, with prominent economists and financial media suddenly…

Is India Leaning West?


In light of the struggle between the USA and PRC for influence in Southeast Asia, which has aggravated in recent years, other major players of the region are acquiring particular importance as they are able to tip the balance in one way or another. The main players in question are the Asian…

On Current India-China Relations


India’s refusal to extend the visas of three journalists from the Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, that expired in July this year, once again brings assessment of the status of the relations between…

Narendra Modi’s American Visit and its Results


A visit by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to the USA on June 6-8, 2016 demonstrated a process of bilateral convergence, which covered all aspects of interstate relations, including defence. This process was initiated by…

US-India: Are We Witnessing a Strengthening Alliance?


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that over the recent years, Washington has made the isolation of Russia and China its prime objective. To achieve this goal, the White House has developed a plan to prevent the strengthening…

Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe Visits India


An official visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe to India on December 11-13 and his talks with his colleague Narendra Modi are said to be one of the three landmark events of the outgoing year, which have been shaping the political situation…

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