Southern Asia

India on the Eve of Parliamentary Elections


March 10 saw the publication of the official schedule for the elections to the lower house of India’s Parliament, which are an extremely important event in the country’s political life. They may well have a determining impact on the ongoing process of redefining the geopolitical status…

Record-breaking Cooperation between Russia and India in Defense Technology


Military and technical cooperation (MTC) between the Russian Federation and the Republic of India is developing at a powerfully rapid pace. Many experts are saying that India’s purchase of a Russian-made S-400 air…

“Kalashnikov” in India: a Success Story of Bilateral Collaboration


A great success has been achieved in one area of cooperation between India and Russia: the military and technical sphere. For quite some time now, the Republic of India has been viewed as a key importer of Russian weapons. In recent years, this special status enjoyed by…

Major Powers Response to Indo-Pak Crisis Reveals Geo-Political Manoeuvers


While the recent Indo-Pak military stand-off did turn into actual hostilities and a small air-war as well, the way major powers—specifically, the U.S., Russia and China—responded to the crisis reveals how their respective responses not only reflected the existing geo-political…

Pakistan and India in Conflict, Strategic Fighting Between Like Minds


Eighteen months ago I wrote one article whereby I suggested that Pakistan was being attacked by US policymakers because it was no longer the regional bogeyman the West once needed it to be, and however as it tried to regain its former importance “it was damned if it did…

Situation in South Asia after Terrorist Attacks in India and Iran


The terror attack, which occurred on 14 February near the town of Pulwama in the district with the same name of the Jammu and Kashmir state, struck a serious blow to not only any positive (but weak) trends in the relationship between India and Pakistan, but also to the situation…

Chinese Aircraft Carrier to be Sold to Pakistan


On February 5, the online naval defense magazine Navy Recognition (part of a group of similar online publications registered in Belgium), made a vague reference to certain plans China has for its “military and foreign policies”, reporting the sensational news, which quickly became…

The Afghan Conflict and Afghanistan’s Relations with Pakistan


In the last year Islamabad has entered into dialogue with Kabul as part of its talks with the USA. This area of Pakistan’s foreign policy is dominated by the country’s military. The involvement of the armed forces in foreign policy is a characteristic feature of the country’s…

Pakistan at Crossroads


We have already used the term “crossroads” when we discussed new trends in Japan’s foreign policy. These changes stem from an ongoing process of radical transformation that has engulfed the entire world of politics including the regions of the Indian and Pacific oceans. All the somewhat significant constituent parts…

What the Latest Round of Local Elections in India Showed


On 11 December of this year, five Indian states held assembly elections and their results are certainly noteworthy. Especially in light of the upcoming general elections to the lower house of the Indian Parliament, a key event in the nation’s political life, to be held in spring…

Is Washington Changing its Policy Towards Pakistan?


During just the last two weeks of November and the beginning of December, it was possible to bear witness to an extraordinary transformation to the way the US President views Pakistan’s role in several significant (both past as well as current) events in world politics. On 19 November…

No Noticeable Progress In India-Pakistan Relationship So Far


We have already reported earlier that the victory of the Movement for Justice party, headed by the current Prime Minister Imran Khan, in the parliamentary elections in Pakistan at the end of June of this year added a glimmer of hope to the prospects of India–Pakistan relations…

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