Southern Asia

India after Doklam Plateau Conflict


The military confrontation on the Doklam Plateau, which lasted for two and a half summer months this year, became not only the most serious test in recent years for the entire system of relations between the two largest Asian powers, but also a challenge…

The Transforming China-Pakistan Economic Corridor


In May, 2017 the Prime Minister of India refused to participate in the founding meeting in Beijing of the ambitious Belt-Road Initiative (BRI), the network of high-speed rail and deep water port linkages across the Eurasia land mass. The official reason given was that…

India in Search of Alternatives to OBOR


As is well known, India is the main competitor of China in Asia. This has recently been most evident in the way India has related to the Chinese One Belt and One Road Initiative. Realizing the importance of international transport corridors for economic development and maintaining…

Pakistan and the 2017 US Strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia


The differences in the approaches of the US towards Afghanistan, India and Pakistan as part of the new strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia for 2017 have respectively led to three…

Upon Evading a Major Conflict with China, India Gets Back to its Political Games

The face-off between India and China had global implications, but even now tensions have not gone anywhere.

The possibility of a direct military confrontation between China and India on the Doklam plateau now seems to have faded. This became clear once the leading Indian newspaper Times of India reported that according to…

Should We Fear a Military Conflict between China and India?


The recent aggravation of China-India relations during the summer of 2017 was connected with a chain of events in the Doklam Valley. For months the servicemen of the two most powerful Asian states…

Pakistan: Another “Major Strategic Partner” Now Fighting For Its Life


So the Trump White House is really on the ball now. After suddenly discovering what North Korea has always been, it has done the same with Pakistan, and is trying to cover its essential ignorance by saying how unhappy it is about it…

Has Narenda Modi Switched Sides?


It’s very discomforting to see the nation of India, one of the great potential leading countries of the world systematically self-destruct. Provoking a new war with China over remote chunks of land in the high Himalayas where...

Military and Technical Cooperation between Russia and India Developing Steadily


India is widely known as the largest importer of Russian defence industry products, and Russia is India’s main supplier of weapons. India has been cooperating in the military and technical sphere with many other countries…

China-India Confrontation on the Doklam Plateau Continues


A small plateau of a total area of just one hundred square kilometers located in the Himalayas at the junction of the borders of the People’s Republic of China, India and the Kingdom of Bhutan has for two months been the site of…

Importance of North-South International Transportation Corridor Grows


As is well known, the plans for the transport and economic integration of Eurasia are not confined to the Chinese New Silk Road Initiative (NSRI). The North-South International Transport Corridor (ITC) project is also of…

Yet Another Incident on the Chinese-Indian Border


The incident following the relatively shallow and bloodless one that happened in early June of this year in an area located on ​​one of the disputed sections of the Chinese-Indian border has this time resulted in a serious…

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