Yet another Afghan Fiasco for the Politicians in Washington


The outcome of the most recent Intra-Afghan Dialogue held in Doha (Qatar) on July 7-8 — which brings together civil servants, politicians, members of the public and Taliban representatives — was a disappointment. The event was attended by 17 representatives of the Taliban, classified as an illegal terrorist organization in many…

No Peace Allowed in Afghanistan


Whatever hopes of returning to normal life regular Afghans have had until recently, these days those are all but dissolving like a morning mist. The so-called Afghan reconciliation summit that was to be held in Qatar has been put on the back burner indefinitely. It was envisioned…

Afghan Fiasco in Washington’s Overstrained Hands


The latest round of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban reached their inglorious conclusion in the capital of Qatar (the city of Doha). Nonetheless, Suhail Shaheen, the political spokesman for the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), tweeted, somewhat…

Taliban Wants to Ensure that the US won’t Try to Play Dirty Yet Again


No more than a couple of months ago the US Congress would discuss an act on the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Yet, in spite of an extensive amount of effort invested by the international community into the resolution of the Afghan war, the conflict that…

ISIS is Coming Back to Neck Bite Afghanistan


These days nobody is taken aback anymore by the opportunistic statements the sitting American president has been making for the last couple of years. If Donald Trump is to be believed, all of the most challenging problems the international community is facing these days can be resolved with a single stroke of the pen…

US Withdrawing from Afghanistan? It Lies About That Too!


Now we are being told that the US is finally getting out of Afghanistan, as has long been promised Maybe, just maybe, the forty years of conflict there will be over, and everyone who has had their say about that country might just care enough to make that happen. There is…

No Afghanistan, No Peace Plan Needed


In spite of Washington’s claims that it pursues an Afghan settlement, it has been reluctant to put an end to its military campaign in this country, trying to secure the alignment of political chess pieces on the Afghan board in a such a way instead that it will ensure this country…

Afghanistan: Russia Starts the True ‘Intra-Afghan Dialogue’


It wasn’t long ago when top US military officials had accused Russia of supplying weapons to the Afghan Taliban, an accusation that the mainstream western media understood not just in terms of some ‘Russian plan’ to make sure that the US meets a military defeat in Afghanistan but also that the war must drag on to inflict heavy damages on the US military…

Results of the First Round of Talks Between the USA and the Taliban


January 2019 saw the conclusion of the first round of talks between the USA and the Taliban, which took place in Qatar. The Afghan Taliban and the official representatives of the USA reached preliminary agreement on three key issues: the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan…

Will Washington be able to Cloak and Dagger its Way to Total Control over Afghanistan?


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Washington’s operation in Afghanistan has come to a screeching halt. Seventeen years after the initial invasion, the Pentagon has no means of pacifying the local population or establishing a stable government. Over the last…

Abusive and Disastrous: The Two Adjectives of America’s Failed Afghan Mission


The US is considering to pull about half of its current fighting force out of Afghanistan in order to pave the way for an eventual withdrawal. The RAND corporation has even prepared a peace-plan, which it shared with diplomats in Kabul, according to which, apart from other things…

Can China Pacify Afghanistan?


As it’s been confined to the world by the CNN, Donald Trump is planning to announce withdrawal of up to 7,000 American servicemen from Afghanistan this month. As of now, there’s more that 14 thousand men stationed by Washington in this war-ravaged country, so bringing a half of them back is no small task for the Pentagon that is about to take at least a couple…

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