Is there a Way Out of the Afghan Deadlock?


Afghanistan has always been of particular interest to world powers and they would most certainly try to conquer it. But not for the sake of earning bragging rights, but to secure control over a bridgehead connecting the countries of Central and South Asia. It is for this reason that over…

Afghanistan: Negotiations or a US Military Defeat?


While the Trump administration may think otherwise and even take the credit for initiating dialogue with the Taliban on an unprecedented level with a view to pulling the US out of Afghanistan, there can hardly be any doubt that negotiations, after 17 years of continuous war, are nothing…

Military-technical Cooperation between Russia and Afghanistan: History and Future Prospects


For several decades now, a civil war has been raging in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which is rife with terrorism. This breeding ground of instability threatens Central Asia, South Asia, and indirectly all the Eurasian nations. Russia is among nations that have…

Moscow Initiative Compliments the Afghan-Led Peace Process


On November 9, 2018, Russia hosted the first round of Moscow initiative to resolve the Afghan conundrum, signifying its ever increasing interest in the country that has evolved, over the last 17 years, from a hot-bed of conflict between the US and the Taliban, including Al-Qaeda…

Central Asian Power Industry to Support Afghan Economy


The power generating sector plays a crucial role in re-establishing peace and stability in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. No modern nation can hope for rapid and stable development when facing energy shortages. And this is especially true for war-torn Afghanistan. International armed forces…

Is there Any Sort of Peaceful Future for Afghanistan?


In early October, the world commemorated the 17th anniversary of American invasion of Afghanistan. As it’s been pointed out by the Hill,it’s been a tragic failure from the get-go, but for reasons few people understand. Those countries that sent their troops in the early 2000s to…

How was Washington Planning to Prevail in Afghanistan, Anyhow?


Just the other day, US National Secu- rity Adviser John Bolton told Reuters that Russia got itself “stuck” in Syria. At the same time, this prominent Western war hawk deliberately omitted the fact that Russia’s armed forces entered

Why the United States Will Not Leave Afghanistan Voluntarily


In 2013 Tom Engelhardt wrote, referring to the United States presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, where at eight United States air strikes had killed almost 300 wedding guests: “we have become a nation of wedding crashers, the uninvited guests who arrived under false…

‘The American Prince’ Wants to Privatize Afghan War


According to recent reports in the mainstream western media, the US president Donald Trump is considering to ‘privatize’ the Afghan war, probably coming round to the ideas of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater agency of mercenaries, that it is the ‘contractors’ not the troops…

Another day, Another Bunch of Civilians Dying under American Bombs


There seems to be no logical explanation for the fact that time after time again one comes across reports of US-led coalitions dropping ordinance upon the heads of innocent people, instead of specifically targeting militants and…

Lapis Lazuli Corridor Leads Afghanistan Towards Eurasian Integration


One of the most crucial goals that leading Eurasian nations are striving for is economic and transport integration in their continent. Schemes such as One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU or EAEU)…

RECCA Is a Path to Stability for Afghanistan


For many years now the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has been the hotbed of instability in the entire Central Asia. A substantial portion of the country is controlled by terrorist groups, which continue on their path of destruction not only through Afghanistan but also beyond by…

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