Is There a Brighter Future for Afghanistan


It goes without saying that Afghanistan has a special geopolitical, geo-strategic and geo-economic importance, that is why its territory became an arena of bitter rivalry between various external and internal forces. This…

US War in Afghanistan Silently Slips into the Abyss


Despite the United States being engaged in what it calls “reconstruction” in Afghanistan, quarterly reports on their progress doing so reveals expanding violence and deepening poverty. Washington Times in an article titled…

Afghanistan: What has Fifteen Years of Occupation Achieved


It is now more than 15 years since the United States, with the willing complicity and assistance of Australia, invaded Afghanistan. The ostensible reason for the invasion was that the Taliban government was harbouring Osama bin Laden…

Afghanistan is a Living Testament to the US Political Madness


October 2001 made it into history as clear evidence of the reckless plans of Washington ‘strategists’ for gaining worldwide domination. It is the period when…

Afghanistan: Breaking Away From The Age of Instability


It is often that I go back to a quote from Martin Jacques, the British academic on Western interventionism and Afghanistan. He said: “Never underestimate the ability of political leaders to misread history on a monumental scale…

Is there An End to the Perpetual War in Afghanistan


This week marks the 15th anniversary of American invasion of Afghanistan and the toppling of the Taliban regime in the course of the Operation Enduring Freedom. However, Western military intervention has brought no stability to…

On Afghanistan’s Territory Control


The two-day visit of the President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani to India and his talks with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi that took place in mid-September 2016 are a good reason to discuss the new trends in Afghanistan’s…

Afghanistan and the Negotiation Process


The peace talks process in Afghanistan has not made any real progress since its initiation in June 2015. Subsequent efforts to push forward its development were interrupted twice within less than a year. In June 2015 Pakistan’s…

On the Death of Mullah Akhtar Mansour


In a U.S. drone strike well inside the Pakistani territory of Balochistan province, the Afghan Taliban’s leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour was killed, leaving many people wondering as to why the attack has taken place at a time when peace…

Trains Against Terrorism: The New Silk Road Crosses Afghanistan


Recent developments around the world concerning the seemingly unrelated topics of railways, heroin production, and international terrorism point toward emerging realities about the global economy. On April 4, 2016, the 48th anniversary of…

Afghanistan and the Global Road Map


For the last several years, the Afghanistan authorities and interested parties (China, Pakistan, the USA) have been attempting to initiate dialogue with the Taliban in order to restore peace in the country. Despite repeated…

Retired Army Colonel: US Will Have a Presence in Afghanistan for Another 50 Years


Afghanistan is a geostrategic and economic prize that the West will not want to relinquish anytime soon. In an interview at the end of 2015, the former chief of staff to Colin Powell and retired US…

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