Central Asia

The Results of the Mongolian Leader Attending the 4th Eastern Economic Forum


As you might know, the 4th Eastern Economic Forum was held in Vladivostok on September 13, 2018, led by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. It saw the participation of the Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, the South Korean…

World Nomad Games: Originality and Integration of Folk Cultures


In early September 2018, Kyrgyzstan hosted the Third World Nomad Games. This is a unique international cultural and sports event that becomes increasingly popular every year and draws guests from around the world. The idea to hold…

Strengthening the Partnership between Mongolia, Russia and China


As readers will remember, in their third meeting, which took place during the 16th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2016, the presidents of Russia, China and Mongolia signed an official inter-governmental agreement…

Why both London and Washington are Frustrated by the Signing of the Caspian Convention


The Caspian region hasn’t been receiving much attention lately in comparison with attention the Middle East typically gets. However, there’s every chance that Russia, the United States, the EU and China…

How was Washington Planning to Prevail in Afghanistan, Anyhow?


Just the other day, US National Secu- rity Adviser John Bolton told Reuters that Russia got itself “stuck” in Syria. At the same time, this prominent Western war hawk deliberately omitted the fact that Russia’s armed forces entered

Why the United States Will Not Leave Afghanistan Voluntarily


In 2013 Tom Engelhardt wrote, referring to the United States presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, where at eight United States air strikes had killed almost 300 wedding guests: “we have become a nation of wedding crashers, the uninvited guests who arrived under false…

‘The American Prince’ Wants to Privatize Afghan War


According to recent reports in the mainstream western media, the US president Donald Trump is considering to ‘privatize’ the Afghan war, probably coming round to the ideas of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater agency of mercenaries, that it is the ‘contractors’ not the troops…

How Come Washington Became so Wrapped Up in Central Asia


Central Asia has traditionally been re- garded by Washington as “Russia’s soft underbelly”, since it’s a common belief within American think tanks that by establishing control over this region the US will be capable of subjecting the whole of Eurasia to its will, which means that…

Does ISIS Still Represent a Major Threat


Back in the days of Trump’s 2016 election campaign the US president made a pledge to his supporters in Connecticut, promising that under his command the Pentagon would defeat ISIS “very, very quickly.” Back then there was a lot of…

Another day, Another Bunch of Civilians Dying under American Bombs


There seems to be no logical explanation for the fact that time after time again one comes across reports of US-led coalitions dropping ordinance upon the heads of innocent people, instead of specifically targeting militants and…

Lapis Lazuli Corridor Leads Afghanistan Towards Eurasian Integration


One of the most crucial goals that leading Eurasian nations are striving for is economic and transport integration in their continent. Schemes such as One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU or EAEU)…

5th round of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogues


In 2014 Mongolia initiated an international conference in Ulaanbaatar, to discuss security problems in North-East Asia, particularly on the Korean peninsula. The significance of this initiative was all the greater, since at that time almost all the channels for discussion of problems and…

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