New US Ambassador to Uzbekistan – You Just don’t Wanna Know


The ever increasing influence of Russia and China in Central Asia is keeping the United States fairly agitated. Predictably enough, over the last couple of years Washington has noticeably stepped up its efforts to dominate the region through both economic and military means…

The Struggle for Uzbekistan – a Key Component of Washington’s Central Asia Pivot?


Out of all of the former USSR-dominated regions, Central Asia remains the only one where the US hasn’t acquired sustainably aligned satellite countries. For this very reason, we can expect the US to start…

Nuclear Power is a New Sphere of Cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan

Russia is one of the leaders in the market of nuclear-related technologies and is renowned for quality and safety of its nuclear power plants, whose reasonable cost is especially attractive for moderate-sized developing nations. Many countries, facing issues linked to…

Uzbekistan and its future

Uzbek President Islam Karimov is dead-set on smashing any stirrings of revolution and protecting the country from both foreign and…

Implications of CIS Free Trade Zone Expansion in Central Asia

The last week of 2013 saw Uzbekistan - the most populous Central Asian nation - become the latest country to…

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Railway Projects

Washington is actively trying to take advantage of the transportation deadlock that Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan found themselves in after the…

Islam Karimov’s Currency Reform

Uzbekistan’s rules for buying and selling foreign currencies changed in early February. President Islam Karimov approved a proposal by the…

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