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Russia or America: Who Is Really the Aggressor?


The strategy western hegemons have been leveling on Russia and Vladimir Putin, and to a lesser extent, China, Iran, and other nations is a new form of warfare honed into a rapier aimed at anyone who stands in the way of the world order. At the core of this strategy is something called “coercive gradualism..

Carnage: Who is Responsible?


It may take many more years before the United States overcomes its commitment to the constitution’s First Amendment: the right for individuals to carry firearms, even though ‘free enterprise’ now makes available military-grade weapons that kill dozens of people a minute. For decades, Democrats have begged for ‘common sense gun reform’, however with their usual…

Is Trump Being Blackmailed?

As of the beginning of August, 2019, Trump has just ordered a series of new sanctions against Russia over the Skripal alleged poison gas incident. For those unaware, Trump is alleging, without evidence, that Russia used a nerve agent that only exists in a video game, one also alleged to be 100% fatal in even the most minute dosage, to kill a former Russian spy…

Only Superman Can Save Julian Assange Now?


Back in the early 1960s, us kids could not wait to get home from school to catch another TV episode of The Adventures of Superman. Back then TV was all black and white, and so was our view on the world. I’ll never forget the intro to the show and the part that told of the strange visitor from another planet who “fights…

The Democratic Debates: American Voodoo


The second round of debates intended to narrow the Democratic presidential field from 24 to one took place in the former auto city of Detroit, now reduced to a shadow of its former self. In keeping with this decline, the Democratic Party chose to introduce the event by a display of Americana: Veterans of Foreign Wars marched solemnly…

Yellowstone Supervolcano and Americans Relocating to Russia


Despite the fact that the United States has remained a Mecca of sorts for immigrants from all of the world for hundreds of years now, Americans themselves have been leaving their own country and moving abroad. According to various assessments, at present 3-6 million US citizens permanently reside outside of the United States…

The Americanization of the World and America’s Problem with Sex


A photograph in a recent Brookings report on the advent of nation-wide preschool in India shows four year olds surrounded by the typical Western educational paraphernalia that introduces them to ‘stuff’. European intellectuals have long lamented the Americanization of the world, and…

No Longer Credible, America’s Fake Military


A short time ago, President Donald threatened to obliterate Afghanistan with nuclear weapons stating that, at the last moment, he thought killing millions of innocent people might well be “wrong” in some way. Here is exactly what he said: “If we wanted to fight a war in Afghanistan and win it, I could win that war in a week. I just…

Did the United States Really Put a Man on the Moon?


The latest US propaganda stunt has been an attempt to “celebrate” the 50th anniversary of the “moon landing saga”. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this memory has been exploited by the directors who put together this American propaganda for one main reason — to unite a deeply divided America, albeit briefly, by boosting the morale…

America’s Eternal Race War


My last article ended with the hope that Republican politicians would be moved toward impeachment by new evidence of Trump’s racism: alas, that is not how things are playing out: The attempt by a Texas Congressman to bring the question of impeachment to the floor following a vote to censure the President’s racist statements, failed miserably, and pundits still…

US “Boots” Turkey from F-35 Program


Turkey has been officially “booted” from the F-35 multirole combat aircraft program. The F-35 multirole combat aircraft, produced by US-based arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin, is part of a massive weapons program exceeding $1 trillion. A single aircraft can cost over $100 million, or over twice the cost of Russia’s new Su-57…

So Just how Effective is the Most Expensive Military Machine in History?


For the better part of the Cold War the West would typically rely on its advanced weapons systems in its bid to contain the Soviet Union. Washington would adhere to the tactics of quantitative counterbalancing, building much less tanks and jets that the Warsaw Pact countries while…

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